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Found 4 results

  1. Once more we are hear to for another entry in WCHBD, we ask a question proposing a What If scenario then answer it as best and in the most detailed way possible. Sonic Underground is quite an odd series with Sonic having siblings and a mother, after all we all know Sonic can't have parents right? XP All joking aside, it's story and lore raise a lot of questions, and possibilities that should be explored, so that goes with the first question here. What if Aleena stayed with her Children?
  2. The next edition of WWYDD involves the show that everyone either writes off or can't make up their mind on what to think about it, Sonic Underground. Simply put, all you gotta do is retool an idea from the show or add something to it, then say how you would do it differently, then we repeat the process over and over again, it's fun for the whole hedgehog family! With that said let's start it off with the most puzzling thing in the show's premise. How would you handle The Oracle's Prophecy and The Oracle himself?
  3. Sonic Underground is one of the most polarizing shows about Sonic ever made, matched only by perhaps Sonic Boom in that regard, but everything that is Sonic usually does have something note worthy or actually good that we like, or something terrible we like. So everybody bring in you're magical instrument medallions and tell us all what are some of those underrated gems and guilty pleasures you had for Sonic Underground, I'll kick us off. The Intro, I would say that it's the ONLY good song with lyrics in the entire show, I REALLY like it so much so that I hold it up there with Sonic 3D Blast for Sega Saturn's Ending Theme and all of Sonic R's soundtrack, call them cheesy they are but I'd say they are legitimately good. I like how Knuckles was used this time around, they even didn't have to wrestle copyright issues during that time and used Athair without the wrath of Ken Penders to worry about. Then there's Dingo, he's basically Boom Knuckles before Boom Knuckles was a thing, except somehow that is never explained in any way, shape, or form is somehow a shapeshifter, it is always funny to see him contort into horrifying new forms, at least I found it funny, I don't know why either. So how about it everyone, go!
  4. In a new edition of Reconstructed, we look into the "masterpiece" of a rock opera known as Sonic Underground, we try to make sense of the moments, characters, and story of one of the most polarizing entry in the series. That being said I got 3 questions for this one actually, answer any or all of them and then we can go from there one or many questions at a time, let's begin! 1. Why is it that the Roboticizer turns some people into full Robians, or turns them into Partial, Cyborg Like Robians? 2. What the heck is Dingo suppose to be, and why can he shape shift with the push of a remote control? 3. Why did The Oracle tell Robotnik of all people about the prophecy!?! Just what's his angle!?
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