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About Me

  1. Hi everyone, here I am once again to bring you another Sonic topic. Considering we don't have one for figures, plushies, cups, and anything else, this is where we can put them! Got some news too to start us off. https://tailschannel.com/sonic-the-hedgehog/merchandise/whisper-the-wolf-mephiles-emerl-part-of-upcoming-great-eastern-plush-line/
  2. I thought we needed a thread for Sonic clothes and things to wear. It's sometimes hard to find a Sonic shirt in adult size like XL or XXL. I am tall and I can't wear a small kids shirt. But I still have managed to get some Sonic shirts. I wish I could find a Sonic shirt with more of the characters like Tails and Knuckles. I prefer to wear shirts with the goodguys. You have any favorites in adult sizes? @Mike Arcade
  3. http://segabits.com/blog/2021/03/18/steamforged-games-announces-sonic-the-card-game-releasing-2021/ We're getting a legit card game for Sonic, this is not a drill! We'll update this as soon as more info comes out. Until then, discuss!
  4. In this WCHBD we take a gaze upon what if such changes were to have effected the most critical and polarizing era of Sonic's history. To bite the bullet with this one I'll ask one simple thing... What if the game Shadow the Hedgehog never happened?
  5. https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/upcoming-sonic-audio-drama-unites-an-all-star-voice-cast-of-fans-and-pros/ Stop the presses everyone! A new audio series is coming out from Emi Jones. Most noticeable thing? Mike Pollock is gonna voice Eggman for this fan series...and Ryan Drummond returns as Sonic in this fan series for the first time since Sonic Advance 3! I'm excited to see how this turns out.
  6. Here we have our Challenge Thread for any Sonic game after the Adventure Series, going on till around Forces. Do you guys love to get all A or S Ranks as you boost to win? Or do you have any interesting challenges of your own? Let us know in your posts!
  7. This is our topic for the games that follow suit during the Adventure Era. What sort of challenges, self made or otherwise, have you completed? Let us know if you've had an Adventure for the ages.
  8. So recently I brought myself a small challenge regarding a Rom hack and realized this would be great for topic! This isfor issued challenges among ourselves and others, mainly for fun. So for any Classic Era game if you have a way to playthrough the game and let's see how you stack up! The challenge that inspired this run is for Sonic 3 Complete, it's something I call the Classic Sonic Run. You see, in the hack you can set it up so that Sonic can play like how he did in Sonic 1/2 and Sonic CD (both Original and 2011 version). Along with that option in the menu are ips patches where you can
  9. Hey guys, right here is where you can post fan animations be it new or old. So if you got some favorites, just let us know. I'll start us off with a more recent one from Terminal Montage, love the dude's stuff and I was so hyped to see this.
  10. This topic is for any Beta music made during the Adventure Era that didn't make the cut for the final games. This piece here was revealed recently due to a successful charity drive some time ago. Not sure if it'll be the only beta music from this era, but we'll have this up just to be sure. If you know of any beta music from this time, just post it on here and let us know. I can think of another from this era as well.
  11. Hi everyone, figured I'd start a new topic regarding something so many of us have speculated during the down time when a new Sonic game hasn't come out in awhile. Lately, it seems that the gaps between game releases for the series grows more throughout the years (which makes me wonder if we should still celebrate Sonic 5 Year Milestones at this point). In any case, how about we do a WWYDD sort of topic for this? What sort of Sonic Game would you like to see? Let's see how we can come up with some brainstorms and see what sort of Sonic game, be it mainline or spin off, what some of us would
  12. http://shc.sonicresearch.org/sonic/ Coming soon this year and as always hosted by Sonic Retro and SSRG (Sonic Stuff Research Group) is the annual Sonic Hacking Contest! This is a contest that's been held every year where anyone can submit Sonic Hacks and show them off, this also applies to 3D games like Sonic Adventure and of course Sonic Generations, the most common hacks come from the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Sonic games Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and S3&K. That being said you should only play these hacks if you have copies of the games they use when it comes to legality of them, though with th
  13. You know the drill: What If Threads are about discovering the weird possibilities of alternating plot points. If you want to give your own full spin on an idea also look into the WWYD threads. These mainly explore stories in their context and how a single plot point changes things, Want for A Nail style. @WarTravellerand I have been discussing this one. Wanted to share: What would have happened in the Zombot arc if Shadow or Rouge successfully assassinated “Mister Tinkerer?”
  14. http://chao.hippotank.com/ So recently I found this site that's kept rather up to date regarding how to raise those lovable squishy...floating ball head things known with affection as The Chao. Yes those lovable pets that you can raise in Sonic Adventure 1, 2, it's remakes, and in some regards with Sonic Advance 1 and 2! Considering they were a big part of some fans game play as some of said to have spent more time raising Chao then anything else in the Adventure Series I gotta ask what are your experiences regarding these strange creatures that popped up around during the new, redesigned e
  15. It's about time this game got a topic, so thanks to the makers of our favorite Android and iOS ports of Sonic 1, 2, and CD we're getting a new Classic Sonic game! All we know of it so far is Sonic's Drop Dash, Green Hill Zone once again making a return, the new Studiopolis Zone, and how this game will have more Classic Levels then New Ones. How will that work, will the game have a plot? Well I hope so, discuses and talk about this new entry in the Classic Era.
  16. https://retroreadingtime.com/series/sonic-us/ Here we are again, once more let's all give a big thanks to Retro Reading Time, for they have preserved another series of Obscure Sonic Books. This time from Troll Publications...who I have no idea what else they did. More importantly, they did a series of Books in the US for Sonic, all of which loosely based on Archie Sonic to an extent. But, all of it based around Mobius, Sally, and the Freedom Fighters. I believe one of them even have a book about Bunnie. But don't take my word for it, you can download them on this site right now and check
  17. This was an old topic I created back in my old forum days a few years back, so I thought it was time to bring it back. In here we'll discuss the unused concepts that Archie Sonic has developed but never went through with over the years, that include Lost Hedgehog Tales and everything from Penders and Bollers Era. I'll provide links down below, if anyone can find anything I missed out on please let me know, on that note let's look over what could have been... Ken Penders and Karl Bollers: http://archiesonic.wikia.com/wiki/Abandoned_and_Unused_Concepts http://www.kenpenders.com/forums/viewtop
  18. Apparently the full version of this song was only recently uncovered. Enjoy.
  19. From Sonic Games that were made from the ground up, what are your favorites and most noticeable ones you've played?
  20. Welcome to The Next Level, Genesis Does what Nintendon't, this topic is for the Sonic games made for Sega's hit console! The Sega Genesis (also known as the Sega Mega Drive everywhere else) broke the stranglehold Nintendo had internationally over the game market, though while it did well it's thanks to the Blue Blur that made it a true hit. In here you can talk about all the Sega Genesis games Sonic has had, this also includes Sonic CD as well. So if you want to start discussions about the games that started it all, please do so. A few days ago, Sonic 2 had it's 27th Anniversary. It's
  21. Thought many fans produce fan works from a labor of love and seek merely patronage, some folks are more insidious (Or desperate) and try to profit illegally despite copyright, usually with comically wretched results. A twin thread to our bootleg merch thread, this is where specifically discuss, review, and analyze bootleg games and the gray/black software market pertaining to our beloved hedgehog. Here is some examples: Hopefully, if any of you are from South Korea, China, or a country where it’s difficult to get Sonic Games - we can help you avoid buying this hilarious garbage
  22. So throughout the years Sonic has had a bunch of titles releasing almost yearly, regardless of quality in some cases, however surprisingly not every game came out for the blue hedgehog which is what I'll be looking at today! So let's get started with one of the more recent discoveries. http://info.sonicretro.org/SegaSonic_Bros. You read that right, as it turns out Sonic has two brothers who are simply Red and Yellow Recolors of him...turns out people who make Recolors were right after all! @_@ All kidding aside, besides the rather strange cover and name it was meant to be a puzzle game s
  23. Here we are, the main Cancelled Sonic Game that every fan should know, the significance of Sonic X-treme is far more important then you could possibly realize. It doesn't matter if you're an SoJ, SoE, or SoA Sonic fan, because it's seemingly inevitable doom shook and changed the foundation of Sonic and it's fate as a series forever. It brought about SoJ taking back control over Sonic in terms of the games, stunning SoA Canon to only that of the Archie Comic, and with that led to the path Sonic is on today. Not only that, but Sonic X-treme's legacy, content, and even it's story has effected the
  24. http://www.sonicfangameshq.com/SAGE/2016/ Should have posted this when the event started, but this my friends is the topic for SAGE, an event that happens every year or so where fans can share their own demos and fan games with each other, most of these are Sonic Fan Games while sometimes you'll have a few other types of fan made or original games as well, as of this post I'd recommend you check it out now as this is the last day to see it, though usually there are always mirrors for SAGE and you could possibly check out a few previous SAGEs if you look them up. I'd recommend checking ou
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