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Found 7 results

  1. Welcome to the long needed WWYDD of Sonic the Comic! Where we ask what exactly it says on the title, how would you handle certain things in UK's Sonic Comic, so even if you're familiar with it or not let's see how this all goes Boomers. Coming from The Red Stranger he asks this, How would you handle this Psychotic Incarnation of Super Sonic?
  2. http://www.monkeysfightingrobots.com/the-greatest-sonic-the-hedgehog-comic-youve-never-heard-of/ Since Archie Sonic's cancellation many have been quite down due to the news, with those same fans also looking forward to IDW Sonic in 2018, however in light of that I found this article finally giving STC some recognition. It's very well done and highlights how cool STC is and why this writer was inspired to write about his experiences regarding it. This brought a huge grin to my face, seeing STC given more limelight as it should. Any thoughts?
  3. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2016/08/the-sonic-sunday-strips-have-been-found/ Well I didn't expect this! Even I didn't know that this existed, I'm really glad these got released online, always loved Richard Elson's artwork. So guys, any thoughts on this really interesting development? Who knows what other discoveries will be made!
  4. So I'm painfully aware that a lot of people around here don't know too much regarding Sonic the Comic, that being the best offical Sonic Comic Series out there. Now there are tons and I mean TONS of issues regarding this series and for some you might not have the time to read all of them. However this where this playlist comes in, a guy going by the name BlackDogBrew decided to make an entire Retrospective regarding STC years ago and it still continues to stay up as of this writing. I figured for some of you that can't read the whole series can at least watch these videos to get some context r
  5. We gotta have an STC version of WCHBD, where we ponder what if things went alongside a different path throughout the series. I'll start off with a good question, considering how Sally Acorn in STC is nothing like the one we know of it begs the question for me... What if Sally Acorn in STC was much like how she is in SatAM?
  6. "Hey, Tim! Hurry up with those dogs," Carl's voice bellowed from the back. "Ah, coming boss." The beagle Mobian was in a frenzy as he finished up dressing the chili dogs with relish and mustard. Those family rushes are always such a hassle, he thought, handing, the bag filled with a dozen chili dogs to the rather portly warthog, "Sorry about the wait, sir." The warthog smiled and snorted, "Well, at least you got ‘em done." After handing out the order to a family of beavers, Carl turned to the blonde beagle, who looked rather tired and seemed to have his thoughts elsewhere. "Sna
  7. It has come to my attention that many of you have never read Sonic's UK Comic equivalent to Archie Sonic, that being the famous and amazing Sonic The Comic, published by Fleetway around the same year, if not earlier then Archie Sonic. It has been talked about but never really looked into by many in the fandom despite a good chunk of the characters being somewhat well known, however today I'll finally enlighten you all to what I consider the best Sonic comic ever made. The comic itself doesn't go in an exact order at first, but I'll give you a brief low down on what it's about. The story
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