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  1. I think it's safe to say Boom as a sub-franchise in general...didn't work. Not only were the games a complete mess (partly because SEGA didn't learn their lesson from 06 about rushing games), but the show was painful and drowned itself in memes (well, so does the main Sonic, to be fair) and the comic...well, the comic was alright. It was all set up to sell toys, and it shows; this sh*t feels like it was all from the 90's. But that does ask the question. I suppose. Did Sonic Boom do ANYTHING right? What made you laugh? What made you smile? What even made you go "Okay, that's actually pretty cool..."? Say below and see if there's anything worth salvaging in Sonic "Memes and Merchendise" Boom. I'll start; 1. The episode with the Eggman's tomtato soup. A funny episode in and of itself, with a rather amusing twist. That, and I think the interactions between Tails and his plane were VERY funny (still would've preferred the Tornado, though. I mean come on, it was in the first episode and you made a model for it! I thought this show was supposed to be on a budget). 2. Eggman himself. Not the BEST incarnation of Eggman (that's honestly still up to debate), but certainly one of the funniest. Sure he's not in any way capable or competant (indeed, he's quite pathetic), but he was a blast to follow. And Mike Pollock's voice for him is irreplacable. And, well, compared to the Archie version of Ivo Eggman "The only reason I'm not a thin stain on the ground is because SEGA gave me Plot Armour" Robotnick, he's practically a godsend. 3. Tails x Zooey. It's not the BEST romantic relationship for sure, but the fact Tails got another shot at romance with SEGA's poor history to it in the first place is intruiging. Especially compared to Sonic (whose romances nearly killed both the games and the comics and is now locked behind a mandate), Knuckles (his got scuppered by legal issues), Amy (who SEGA is perfectly fine with having all the brains of a bag of bricks) and Sticks (...unlikely to get into a romantic relationship, to say the least). 4. I also kind of like Zooey, even if she's just a female version of Tails with no personality beyond "Tails' Girlfriend" (and even that didn't last long). But she's still not FINO, she's not Cosmo the Talking Vegtable ("ME. IT'S ALL ABOUT ME. I HAVE BECOME CHRIS, DESTROYER OF FOCUS!") or Cream (did those two share ANY sort of chemistry in the main canon?). 5. Perci. Just a shame they never used her. Properly, that is. 6. The concept of the entire village being Mobians like Sonic and the others (and not those weird alien things like in Underground). A lot easier to beleive than it being just Sonic and Tails (and whatever friends are allowed this week) and the rest being humans; that is NOT enough for a stable population of Sonic's kind. Though this IS sullied by the fact that, uh, EVERY SINGLE ONE of those villagers is hopelessly dumb and beyond unlikeable. That's...about it. Any others you wish to add to this list?
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