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  1. While I get that certain fans' feelings on the new characters after the reboot are mixed, I would like to see ideas on how they could be handled if they were introduced into the pre-reboot continuity. What could be done differently with them? Would they have different lives and backstories? Well, I have a few ideas that I hope will get the creative juices for this concept flowing! ---- Axel the Water Buffalo & Thunderbolt the Chinchilla: Born in Efrika, these two grew up in an environment where their village was regularly harassed by the local gangs. The duo soon decided that enough as enough and took a stand. They eventually formed their own crew and began taking out other gangs and making a reputation for themselves as one of the most feared gangs in Efrika, with their main rivals being the Bear Pack and Nasty Hyenas. When Diesel united both gangs to become the Efrika Dark Egg Legion, Axel and Thunderbolt proceeded to rally the remaining gangs to oppose the Mad Doctor. They were now the Storm Breakers. ---- Wendy and the Witchcarters: In the old days of the Forgotten War, Wendy was a highly respected member or Order of Ixis, to the point where Mogul chose her as a member of his Four Elite. While she was on the front lines during the war, things took a drastic turn when both sides were menaced by none other than the second incarnation of Enerjak, whose power and uncontrollable nature were so threatening to the point where both sides we're forced to agree to a temporary-yet uneasy-truce t defeat the common enemy, one that Wendy strongly objected to. While they were eventually victorious over Enerjak, Wendy immediately attempted to strike down one of the Knights, only to be critically wounded. With the Order of Ixis losing more and more members, Wendy was forced to go into hiding and put herself into a special Crystal stasis, awaiting the day she could not only fully heal herself, but restore the order of it to its former glory... Many years later, the last remaining follower of the Order; Naugus was on the run after being dethroned. He would attempt to hide out in one of the ruins of an old Ixis Temple, and stumble across her Crypt... Soon it was revealed that right before she sealed herself away in Crystal, Wendy called for at least three members of the order and placed a special "contract link" on each of them. She then told them to drop off the grid and live in obscurity, passing down the contract link through their descendants until the time came for her to awaken. As such, when she finally awoke thanks to Naugus, the contact the link immediately activated, calling forth their most recent descendants to serve her: Carrotia the Rabbit, Falke Wulf, and Bearenger the Grizzly The Ixis Triad. ---- So! What do you think? Any ideas you think might fit in the old continuity?
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