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Found 11 results

  1. https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/upcoming-sonic-audio-drama-unites-an-all-star-voice-cast-of-fans-and-pros/ Stop the presses everyone! A new audio series is coming out from Emi Jones. Most noticeable thing? Mike Pollock is gonna voice Eggman for this fan series...and Ryan Drummond returns as Sonic in this fan series for the first time since Sonic Advance 3! I'm excited to see how this turns out.
  2. It's about time this game got a topic, so thanks to the makers of our favorite Android and iOS ports of Sonic 1, 2, and CD we're getting a new Classic Sonic game! All we know of it so far is Sonic's Drop Dash, Green Hill Zone once again making a return, the new Studiopolis Zone, and how this game will have more Classic Levels then New Ones. How will that work, will the game have a plot? Well I hope so, discuses and talk about this new entry in the Classic Era.
  3. https://retroreadingtime.com/series/sonic-uk/ I found the Sonic books published by Virgin, and created by three authors under the pseudonym Martin Adams. I remember talking to the site owner some years ago, and I'm glad to see that every Martin Adams book is now available online and archived. I can delve more into what these books have, but I also have to check them out personally as well.
  4. https://retroreadingtime.com/series/sonic-us/ Here we are again, once more let's all give a big thanks to Retro Reading Time, for they have preserved another series of Obscure Sonic Books. This time from Troll Publications...who I have no idea what else they did. More importantly, they did a series of Books in the US for Sonic, all of which loosely based on Archie Sonic to an extent. But, all of it based around Mobius, Sally, and the Freedom Fighters. I believe one of them even have a book about Bunnie. But don't take my word for it, you can download them on this site right now and check
  5. Apparently the full version of this song was only recently uncovered. Enjoy.
  6. Here we are, the main Cancelled Sonic Game that every fan should know, the significance of Sonic X-treme is far more important then you could possibly realize. It doesn't matter if you're an SoJ, SoE, or SoA Sonic fan, because it's seemingly inevitable doom shook and changed the foundation of Sonic and it's fate as a series forever. It brought about SoJ taking back control over Sonic in terms of the games, stunning SoA Canon to only that of the Archie Comic, and with that led to the path Sonic is on today. Not only that, but Sonic X-treme's legacy, content, and even it's story has effected the
  7. SO, I have been asked to post a few things of mine on this site from my DeviantART Account. Which is fine, but I don't really like what I draw. It's not...good, y'know? But they say they prefer effort over quality here, so that's a nice thing, I guess. I struggled with what exactly I could bring over, but then it hit me; my not-even-vaguely-daily webcomic! It's called OBSERVATIONS and as a general rule it's a look inside exactly how I see things. Having mild Asperger's can make all the difference sometimes, and it's basically a way to draw a really poor comic that tries to satirise someth
  8. I'm not really sure why we don't have a topic for Super Smash Brothers. Like,, why don't we? It's one of my favourite game series ever made. Even if the games themselves aren't that great, the joy and cheer it gives to some people is astounding. It helps that Nintendo has fully mastered the art of the reveal, especially with Smash. Go back and watch people reacting to the trailers for Mega Man, Cloud or Bayonetta and TELL me you don't feel the hype to this very day. Oh, and speaking of hype... Yea. Smash is Back. Don't know if it'll be a new game or a port of the Wii U vers
  9. We've had this topic on just about every Sonic Series that has a topic on it, so naturally it's about time we had this for The Games itself. Now in WWYDD we can see just what would we do and change to Sega Sonic itself, so get creative, grab those rings, and clear these questions and answers we post and see. I'll start us off with a very tricky question, one that's almost unthinkable for many. If you made Sonic and he couldn't be a hedgehog for whatever reason, what would you make Sonic be?
  10. For far too long it has not been told or seen, the epic that is Sonic Boom on WWYDD...if you can call it that, which it's not. One of the most polarizing and most recent Sonic Series outside of the games, a series that's more then endorsed by sega so much that it had a comic for a short time, a tv show, toy line, and video games! Which is a lot more then SatAM, and that makes me sad... However regardless with how we feel about Sonic Boom, we should dive into it and reconstruct it as it doesn't seem to know where it's going, and what better way to see how it could be better with us tackli
  11. Well it's finally here, the 2nd 3DS Sonic Boom game from Sanzaru Games is out now and despite some worries and them not working on it for months on end it looks like it turned out quite well, getting multiple decent to good reviews! So with that said, have any of you gotten to play the game? If so or not, either way what are your thoughts on mixing Fire and Ice? The answer to mixing them is Water BTW. XP
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