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Found 11 results

  1. This is going to be the topic where we will talk about all the new games and big gaming news. http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/07/20/rocket-league-ps4-xbox-one-cross-network-play-now-ready-for-release-only-needs-sonys-approval Rocket League has announced that Cross-Platform Play between Xbox Live, PC & PSN is ready to be implemented "In as little as a few hours" but Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham says he is awaiting for Sony's approval first. Major Nelson already agreed to the idea months ago. Thoughts?
  2. Here is my youtube channel which is growing each and everyday (Slowly, usually microscopically evolving) please if you enjoy my content give me a like, sub, and share with your friends. I have big plans with turning this channel into something I will cherish forever. -Best, Nagol Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfcdPb9QeKue84d4jjkXBEQ?view_as=subscriber Resident Evil 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUZk8NwzNCQ&t=4s Sonic Adventure 2 Rando Mod
  3. If you were lucky enough to own a play station in the mid 90's you will have no doubt have heard about Capcom's most frightening contribution to the Survival Horror genre, Resident Evil. Many 90's kids still remember the feeling of dread when a zombie moan pierced through the silent dark room of there parents basement. Always wondering if the next corner was going to lead them down a corridor to there demise! I'm opening this thread for fans of Resident Evil to share there thoughts of the game. Both past, present, and future. And it doesn't need to stay just in the video games. Fan of the CGI films or live action shi.... movies? Let it be heard! Have a video talking about theories or a fan fiction? Post it! Here is a spot for everyone to freely express there love/hate for one of the most infamous of survival horror titles. Remember....the faint sound of foot steps outside your door are probably not those of survivors....
  4. I think we need a thread for this; any weird video game articles or such can go here now. http://vgpwn.com/the-10-best-hidden-trophies-in-uncharted-4/
  5. Much like our Sonic Challenge Threads, every video game outside of the Blue Hedgehog gets one as well. So if you've gotten all the achievements of your favorite game, gotten a 1CC in your favorite retro style game, or made up your own challenges just let us know.
  6. Hey everyone, since our WWYDD Series of topics are quite a thing around here, I thought I'd try something a bit different and see if this could work in other topics. Specifically in this case, Games that don't normally feature a Blue Hedgehog. I say normally as one game that's in the minds of a lot of players is of course, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With it's staggering roster having so many characters whose numbers are usually seen in most dream match fighters and crossovers, it brings to question in my mind even more than just the number of characters the game has. But rather the content and bonus games that have been apart of the series proper since it's inception. However, I'm not sure if the question would be too broad so I'll ask one of two questions that could be answered. Who would you like in Smash Bros. and why? What is your idea of an "Ideal" Smash Bros game?
  7. Since this guy is like the court jester of video gaming I thought I would make a thread dedicated to the little often wrong ego with legs. http://kotaku.com/revisiting-michael-pachters-2013-predictions-for-2016-1790520436
  8. Hi everybody and welcome to Video Game Recreation! So in this one an interesting thought came to my mind, considering we here at Free Scribes support, encourage, and make our own interpretations of Sonic despite mainly being based on those outside of the games technically we are making an interpretation of a video game series. So that brings into mind a question that I would like to see all of you answer. If you could Recreate and Remake one Video Game Series, what would it be and how would you do it? I'd like to see you guys go in and get into it here, the rules for this is that it can't be Sonic for rather obvious reasons as that's a very broad question for other topics. You can't pick more then one series as I'd rather see you guys choose one and after someone else do their own post you can choose another one. So go nuts here and don't be afraid to go completely out of bounds here! After all SatAM was made by the creators of it viewing Emerald Hill Zone and the Sonic Bible and going along their own vision for it from there, good luck folks! I'll go first, the video game series I'd like to recreate is one that has a very broad history and a completely scattered continuity almost unlike any other, that being Final Fantasy. Now I know that there's a LOT of different worlds and continuities in it, but it can be done. For one I'd use the World of Ivalice (Tactics, XII) as the backdrop and main world where just about all the main Final Fantasy games would take place in. Then I'd have it so that the World itself would have a grand, spanning history of different eras, lores, and mythology happen. I'd use the spine of RPGs as a whole to make Final Fantasy coherent, much like how Elder Scrolls, Wizardry, and Ultima handles their worlds. You can literally fit every mainline game in this world, though they wouldn't obviously happen in order from I to XV. I'd make it so that people are surprised in what would happen and how things would go, keep people guessing to see the fates of some of their favorite characters, for good and for ill. That doesn't mean you can't have other realms and such in this FF Reboot, but I'd keep things down to a minimal as to not over clutter the series which is what happened to Final Fantasy as a whole. I'd make it with the mindset of Western RPG development, you would be dropped into the first game as either a character of your own creation (aka like Final Fantasy I and Elder Scrolls) and go through similar events of one of the first 3 Final Fantasy games, however how that would go would be up to you. Not ot mention I think a deconstruction of the "Silent RPG Protagonist" would have to be in order as you find out who you REALLY are. Now not every game would give you a Custom Character, you would have games in the series that have you start of as say Firion, Cecil, Bartz, Terra, Cloud, etc. but how certain characters and what their rolls are would be quite different, some characters might not even be in the same era as each other. This would make for a much more interesting series, not to mention there would have to be an end game of sorts, along with diving into the odd Final Fantasy moral of bad guys wanting to end everything, turning that on it's head as well. That's how I would do Final Fantasy, I'd make it into an actual continuity with history that would keep players guessing on who they would play as or create. So how about you guys, what Video Game Series would you want to Recreate?
  9. Recently while stumbling through the mass collection of video media known as youtube, I came across a game channel like none other. This channel belongs to a youtuber who calls himself Shesez and his channel is dedicated to breaking boundaries of video games in search of hidden easter eggs and secrets. This segment (Ironically called Boundary Break) allows people to appreciate the art and know-how of there favorite video games and even gives would be programmers insight into the creative knowledge of video game design. I'm making this post for two reasons) 1. To give a shout out to a youtuber who shows a keen passion for video game art while keeping his channel clean and entertaining (Seriously this man deserves a watch and even a subscriber if you like his material) and 2. To give you guys a place to incorporate your favorite easter eggs, secrets, and game development techniques for everyone on the forum to enjoy. If you know of a youtuber with an obsession for secrets or know of a hidden gem in games, please by all means leave a post. I'm leaving you with an episode of boundary break for us Sonic enthusiast but Sonic is far from the only games he has covered. -Happy Holidays and stay safe, Nagol
  10. I noticed that we really needed a thread like this to talk about old games we love. Here's one I'll always remember playing a lot in the late 80s and through the 90s: Impossible Mission! And no, it has nothing to do with the TV/Film series Mission Impossible. I have a lot of fond memories playing it and its sequel.
  11. The other day I looked into Video Game Music, we all love it and the way it sounds from the NES to Genesis and beyond, however myself and others don't generally know the technical side to creating the music for it. While you can discuss your favorite soundtracks from any games you like and such this topic is also and mainly for the technical side to it, on how the music of it was developed way back during those days and specifically what sort of software and hardware was used to develop it. On that note I have several links here that can shed a little light on this topic, specifically one link on the very chip that was in the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive...and software for DOS that was use to develop music for several Sega Genesis games. http://www.cyclopaedia.info/wiki/Yamaha-YM2608 https://modarchive.org/forums/index.php?topic=3725.0 http://segaretro.org/GEMS Yes, back in 2007 the GEMS development kit was released, which was an in-house software made by Sega for devs to make music for Sega Genesis games, it works on DOS and generally speaking you can make legit Sega Genesis Music on it, also I link the Yamaha-YM2608 chip as that was the same main chip that the Genesis has within it, which was ALSO the main audio chip on the Japanese PCs the NEC PC-8801 and NEC PC-9801, which I have used emulators of before to play very obscure games. http://gdri.smspower.org/wiki/index.php/Mega_Drive/Genesis_Sound_Engine_List Upon further detail here are a list of sound drivers that were used for many Genesis games, in correlation with what I was looking up, several companies had their own custom sound drivers which are relatively unknown such as those from Capcom and Konami, however there are others that I saw in this list such as developers Ancient (of SoR and Shinobi Fame) and TechnoSoft (of Thunder Force Fame) which have their own custom sound drivers and programs, upon that discovery I tried to see if any of them were ever leaked online, sadly that's not the case though I would LOVE to have those pieces of software as they made beautiful music, on a side note Sonic 3D Blast uses the same Sound Driver as Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Over the years people have used, ripped, and tried to reverse engineer the music of consoles of old, again I don't know much technical detail on how accurate it is but I just wanted to share my research and discovery that you guys may or may not have known, if you or anyone else around here can fill in some of the more technical details for me please do so! Till then I thought this would be a nice discussion to have not just to gawk at our favorite music of the past but to rather understand the technical side and development of it from a newbie's perspective. Till then let me know what you guys think and any other discoveries and details you guys can find.
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