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Found 7 results

  1. This was an old topic I created back in my old forum days a few years back, so I thought it was time to bring it back. In here we'll discuss the unused concepts that Archie Sonic has developed but never went through with over the years, that include Lost Hedgehog Tales and everything from Penders and Bollers Era. I'll provide links down below, if anyone can find anything I missed out on please let me know, on that note let's look over what could have been... Ken Penders and Karl Bollers: http://archiesonic.wikia.com/wiki/Abandoned_and_Unused_Concepts http://www.kenpenders.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=122 http://archive.today/bacT Ian Flynn: http://archiesonic.wikia.com/wiki/Ian_Flynn's_Unused_Concepts http://bumbleking.com/fandom/lost-hedgehog-tales/ NOTE: This topic got merged with an older one, saves up clutter after all. XP
  2. Hello everybody! So we here at Free Scribes have a brand new series of Forum Topics, you can thank The Red Stranger for that (with some help from yours truly XP) Welcome to What Could Have Been Different, think of this as a flip side of WWYDD, where we ask what would have been different if certain things went a another way, think of this as a What If Topic of sorts. We each ask a question proposing an alternate possibility and then we each answer how we think it would have played out, then after that we ask another question and go on from there. So sit back and enjoy as we see what happens when the characters and worlds we know take a different turn, and try to answer what the end results would be. So for the first question, What if Shadow stayed dead after Sonic Adventure 2?
  3. Once more we are hear to for another entry in WCHBD, we ask a question proposing a What If scenario then answer it as best and in the most detailed way possible. Sonic Underground is quite an odd series with Sonic having siblings and a mother, after all we all know Sonic can't have parents right? XP All joking aside, it's story and lore raise a lot of questions, and possibilities that should be explored, so that goes with the first question here. What if Aleena stayed with her Children?
  4. Yet another entry in WCHBD! In this topic we'll look at the Anime Incarnations of Sonic and see what could have been different. As before we ask a What If scenario and answer it the best we can, afterwards any of us ask another question and do so as much as we can. With the Sonic OVA I'll admit there might not be too much we can do or ask but it wouldn't be right not to include it, Sonic X on the other hand...well my own distaste for it aside, Sonic X could have ended up much differently (and better honestly) then it ended up as. That said the first question is one that would change the entire landscape of the series. What if Sonic never met Chris Thorndyke that day when he fell into his pool? To clarify this question, say that Sonic never landed in Chris' pool and met him, what would have happened if he landed elsewhere and/or met someone else or some other kid?
  5. We enter some crazy territory as we open up a WCHBD for AoSTH, what if things ended up quite differently for this syndicated cartoon? Well let's see here... What if Katella was my successful and made a name for herself, would that effect other episodes and make her a recurring character?
  6. We gotta have an STC version of WCHBD, where we ponder what if things went alongside a different path throughout the series. I'll start off with a good question, considering how Sally Acorn in STC is nothing like the one we know of it begs the question for me... What if Sally Acorn in STC was much like how she is in SatAM?
  7. You know the drill, WCHBD walks into the explosion, or should I say the BOOM? Either way you ask and answer a What If case scenario regarding the series as best you can and we keep on going till possibly forever. With Sonic Boom not ending up as we all thought it was going to be, whatever those expectations where I think this WCHBD has a lot of interesting potential. I'll start us off with one question that come to mind when it comes to Rise of Lyric and the changes it would bring. What if Eggman was actually a threat that could kill?
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