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What would be your Life’s Soundtrack.

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This is an idea I've been toying around with. Music has always been a part of my life. And I sometimes find myself thinking of songs that reflect my life and/or the lives of various characters of mine. The rules of this topic are rather simple:

  1. You may only choose up to 22 songs per post. This is to prevent giant lists. The number is chosen as per the topic. A typical CD maxes out at 22 average length songs. So, pretend that you're making a CD of the songs that reflect your life. You can add more in later posts, if you feel the need to do so. I expect this topic to evolve as we go through life and have new experiences that may make other songs relevant.
  2. You need to say what the song is and who it's by. If there's a specific variant from the same artist, note that as well.
  3. The song must be applicable to your life, not just one that you like. Preferably, you should add some information as to why you've chosen this song, rather than just making a list.
  4. I request that you post a link to the song lyrics, so that we may all be able to understand the song you've posted. Not everyone listens to the same types of music, so there may be people here who have no idea what the song is saying or what it's about without the lyrics. I ask that you do this, rather than posting a link to the song itself or to a video, as it takes me 60+ times the length of videos and songs to load them. A 3 minute song would take me 3 or more hours to load. That is a serious inconvenience on my end.
  5. If somone has posted one or more of the songs that are applicable to you and has included the lyrics, you can ignore rule 4. I don't want to make this more difficult than need be.
  6. Please use the numbered list function for the initial song list post. You can ignore this for follow-up song posts.

Alright. Here's my list:

  1. "Born Country" by Alabama. This is a song very close to my life and way of life. I'm very much a country person, having been raised on a farm and living on a farm all my life.
  2. "Mountain Music" by Alabama. This is a companion piece to "Born Country" and involves some similar stuff to what friends and I used to do when I had friends IRL...
  3. "Country Boy Can Survive" by Hank Williams, Jr. This is a song for anyone who's serious about being a country person. We don't need the "comforts" of city life. We don't need the Government. We can survive on our own just fine. And woe be unto those who would threaten that way of life, or harm our friends.
  4. "American Remains" by The Highwaymen. The latter half of the song has long been true of my life. People like me will endure whatever comes our way, even if an individual may not.
  5. "Beer For My Horses" by Toby Keith. This is an echo of my own views regarding law and order. I believe our legal system is broken and that there are way too many criminals running around that should be in the ground. Our society would be a lot safer if we could exact proper justice again.
  6. "Same Ol' Me" by Charlie Daniels. I very much live my life this way. I was raised with country values and refuse to change for the sake of making someone else feel good. Note: I can't for the life of me find the lyrics to this song. Good luck if anyone searches for it.
  7. "Simple Man" by Charlie Daniels.  This is a companion piece to "Same Old Me", hence it has the same sort of message and meaning.
  8. "The Dirt Road" by Sawyer Brown. This is a nice analogy for both the path to Heaven and the path of life that many country folk like me choose to stick with, despite all of the trials and tribulations and ruts and bumps.
  9. "State of Mind" by Clint Black. This song is very true to my life. It's simply about how one can get lost in a song and ignore the troubles of life for a while. Music can be the best medicine at times.
  10. "Keep On Truckin'" by Tim McGraw. This is the sort of song that "State of Mind" is talking about. It's a nice, ubpeat positive song about not letting stuff get to you, and just intended to make the listener feel good. I suffer from depression and this song does help me when I'm feeling down.
  11. "Feed Jake" by Pirates Of The Mississippi. This is a more melancholy song, but rings true enough. Particularly the lines "What we are and what we aint, What we can and what we cain't, Does it really matter?" is a good approach for my general approach to people. So long as you're not shoving it in my face, I don't care what you do, where you come from, what ethnicity you are, or what you're into. Also, the overall concern more for one's dog than one's self. When I die, this is the song they'll play at my funeral.
  12. "I'm No Stranger to the Rain" by Keith Whitley. A good song about trying not to let life over-run you. Survival through sheer will to live, in spite of whatever pain may come.
  13. "Boondocks" by Little Big Town. Another song about living out in the sticks. For those not properly educated in the use of the term: "Boondocks" is an old term for "Out in the sticks" or "The middle of nowhere". I live miles from town and away from the main roads, and I'm proud of that. My heart and soul are indeed tied to this section of land. I feel out of place in town or in a city, or most anywhere that isn't here.
  14. "Self Made" by Little Big Town. This is a song for my grandpa, who has been more of an influence in my life than anyone else. He has lived this song. I hope that one day my neice will say the same about me in regards to it.
  15. "If You're Going Through Hell" by Rodney Atkins. This is another song about not giving up and just plowing through adversity. I find it inspiring when I need one of those mental boosts.
  16. "Lightning Does The Work" by Chad Brock. A song about letting your actions speak louder than your words. Offline, I'm a man of action, and not so much with words. I have lived this song quite a bit.
  17. "That'd Be Alright" by Alan Jackson. This is just a nice little song about what all would be nice to have. I believe in this song quite a bit. It's nice to have dreams about a better life for everyone.
  18. "Lord I Hope This Day Is Good" by Don Williams. This is a prayer-style song for those times when one is feeling downtrodden. I count myself as a devout individual of faith, though not actively involved in the church, itself.
  19. "Ain't Hurtin' Nobody" by John Prine. Though I may be a bit rough around the edges and may have some views that people may think are "extreme", I'm not the type of person to go out and seek trouble or seek to harm anyone who hasn't harmed me or those I care about, first. I'm rather content to live my life in relative peace with those around me.
  20. "Live Until I Die" by Cay Walker. This is a song about being content with what one has. I've long lived this song. It's not important for me to have a lot of stuff that everyone else has. I don't want to climb a corporate ladder, be famous, or whatnot. I just want to be content.


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For me, this is a condensed list of songs from bands I really like; I could go on ad nasium:

1. Jethro Tull - Journeyman, It was one of the first songs that got me heavy into Jethro Tull, which is probably my favourite band. This one kind of epitomizes my taste in music; with its funky take on progressive rock.

2. Rush - Tom Sawyer, Again, a song from a band I really like. I could've picked many from this band, but I went for this one, which was one of the first songs I learned note-for-note from Rush.

3. Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed - Something, I was raised around music; a good portion of that comes from my granddad, who was a talented picker who adored Chet Atkins and could play almost anything Chet recorded. This cover of the hit that came from the Beatles is just pure beauty, no other explanation needed.

4. J.S. Bach - BWV 565 Tocata & Fugue in D-minor, Ever since I was little my mom raised me around classical music, J.S. Bach was one of my favourites. This is again, one of the first pieces I learned to play from the master's pen.

5. Link Wray - Rumble, One of many my main music teacher introduced me to; let's just say I was hooked. Not often an instrumental gets banned on the radio, in fact this is the only instrumental banned from the radio.

6. Jaco Pastorius - Donna Lee, what else can be said; he was the great, the man who brought the bass guitar out of the background. From one bassist to another I am eternally in his debt.

7. Genesis - The Musical Box, One of the many songs that make you think, not only about the lyrics but the music as well. One of my favs from Genesis.

8. Van der Graff Generator - Childlike Faith in Childhood's End; Based on a book by Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood's End, which has been used as source material for a lot of television shows. For me this one represents a very big area in music; the telling of a story in song. Some call it pretentious or what-have-you, but I love it.

9. Hawkwind - Zarozinia, another one that falls into the category of the last song, the song being based of Elric or Melnibonne book series by Michael Moorcock, who also took part in the writing and production of the album with the band. This "far out" love song has always been one that I find calming and energizing; electronic meets a-capella at its finest.

10. Black Sabbath - Mob Rules, A big part of me is a metal head; this is one that I always think of when I want one with some sci-fi/fantasy in it.

11. Moody Blues - Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?), This song was my gateway band into all things progressive rock. I still love the song and band; it brings back a lot of memories.

12. Jethro Tull - Heavy Horses, My favourite song from one of my favourite bands, what more can be said?

13. Marillion - Script for a Jester's Tear, A second wave of progressive rock from the 1980s and a band that I introduced myself to. A song and band that show me that just because something is unpopular doesn't mean it cannot be made in the wrong time with the worst circumstances.

14. Jigsaw - Cry (Till the tears run dry), I grew up hearing a lot of this 70's pop growing up from my dad on his recorded tapes; brings back a lot of memories.

15. Iain Matthews - Shake It, I'm going to date myself now, but this is one recorded when I was just an infant and I literally grew up listening to it.

16. Ugly Kid Joe - Cats in the Cradle, A wonderful cover of Harry Chapin's huge hit with the early 1990s sensibilities all over it whilst keeping the original spirit of the song in spades.

17. Don Henley - Boys of Summer, This one has a lot of special meaning for me; it was playing a lot on the radio at a key crossroads in my life. To say the least it's very special to me.

18. Soundgarden - Pretty Noose, Had to have some grunge on this list; it was wot was being played from my early pre-teens into my teens. It's very profound for me in the extreme along with a lot of their contemporaries, but Soundgarden will always be my favourite "grunge" band.

19. Black 47 - Funky Céilí, Yet another band that I found myself and fell absolutely in love with. They are one of those bands with a lot of different influences from all over the place, but works. Probably one that would represent my eclectic tastes.

20. Azteca - Mazatlan, One of my teacher's bands he played for and shows a lot of my Latin Jazz influences.

21. Sky - Toccata, One that I was actually introduced to through the video game Gyruss, which is an electronic/classical interpretation of the J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D-Minor.

22. Savatage - Believe, One that probably represents my taste in powerful music; it's one that raises the hairs on your body.

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