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Mike Arcade is back in The Game!

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What's happening everybody, I'm Mike Arcade!

So, it's been awhile for those who know me, due to some misadventures and such I figured it'd be a good time to introduce myself on our new Forums.

For those who don't know me I'm a long time lurker from all around the Sonic Fanbase in general, several years ago I made my debut on a few places here and there, then settled, then vanished; Living in Obscurity as it said on my title in those forums.

But NOW, with our solo debut my friends have cooked up, what better way to make a big comeback then to mod with my best friends in the world? :)

I'm a big gamer, played just about any and almost every kind of video game you can think of, Platformers, Shmups, Fighters, FPS, Puzzle, I have a lot of favorites really. I read some books, a few novels but not enough, and sometimes I watch TV but most stream stuff, mostly old favorite shows and a few new ones here and there.

Sonic has been one of my favorite series ever as a kid, and it's what got me into video games in the first place, I read a few issues of Archie Sonic here and there as a kid but gave me a mixed reaction to it, however once I discovered SatAM and The UK's own Sonic The Comic, the rest as they say is history.

With that said, I hope to liven up the forums with topics, reviews, and other content as this place of ours rises and soars throughout the fanbase...nay, THE WHOLE WORLD!!!

Till then, you see you around. ;)

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