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I feel I'd be able to hack it in a manual car. XD

I'mma be honest, I really, really didn't like the direction they took their personalities in The Grand Tour. Yes in Top Gear they played heightened versions of themselves but it felt like the BBC was keeping them from taking it too far. Then Amazon gives them free reign and they took it WAY too far. They make genuinely tasteless and unfunny jokes, mock stuff that is quite serious and their Detroit episode is painful. They went from amusingly annoying to genuinely insufferable.

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I kinda dont like how they're doint it more or less just like "special episodes" now. I liked when they actually did motoring news and tests. All the episodes are on MotorTrend for streaming and I kinda want to get it so I can watch all the old/good Top Gear episodes.

Wish the BBC would make a Series 2-22 Blu-Ray collection.

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