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Welcome one and all to the topic all about another blue video game protagonist, rather then The Blue Blur, in here we'll talk about The Blue Bomber, The Super Fighting Robot, Megaman!

But which one? Well...all of them! From any multimedia or series, anything Megaman Official or Fan Made should go here, keeps things uncluttered though I can see this topic getting a little confusing, but regardless you stepped in knowing that this is Megaman, you knew where this was going.

Unlike Sega, Capcom embraced different takes on Megaman hence why we have so many different series and interpretations, such as the Megaman Megamix/Gigamix Mangas, or Megaman X, or Megaman Zero, or Legends...I should stop because it'll never end if I do. Either way this topic is a free form one, share your favorite stories about the Megaman series! Any theories or complains you have? Reconstruct the series too! Other then going Maverick almost anything goes! Just keep in mind the general forum rules and it's all good.
I will say this though, this topic will be Spoiler Heavy so if you want to check out something from the series first or have been meaning to play Legends, now's the time to do so, with that said...



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You would think I would've posted something on here but oddly enough no, I mean of course I would want a new Megaman game and yet there poses a problem with that.

We've had a number of Fan Games, usually in the 8-bit Classic Style that have come out in recent years. Megaman Unlimited, Megaman SFR, and have had a number of successors such as Azure Striker Gunvolt, 20XX, the upcoming Android Hunter A (if I'm remembering the title right) and the recently announced FrictionSphere. Of course I can't go without mentioning the now ill-famed Mighty No. 9 from Mega Man and Capcom famed Kenji Inafune, I mean with all these successors would there be any room left for Megaman?

Honestly I have my doubts on a Megaman game in the future, but I would be open to it from someone that completes the Megaman Series where several cliffhangers were left such as The New Generation Reploid Arc of Mega Man X, the result of the ending of Mega Man ZX Advent, and I can't go without mentioning Mega Man Legends 3 which needs it's conclusion. I'd be up for any of Mega Man game and sub series, though I do wonder if it needs a reboot which it's kind of getting from the new Mega Man cartoon coming out.

I would love for Mega Man to make a comeback in some familiar or new form, but for now the successors and fan games quail the taste of us Maverick Hunters. ;)

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