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Paramount Pictures' Sonic the Hedgehog movie

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On 5/8/2019 at 1:32 AM, Wulfsbane said:

But SEGA doesn't really need the profits. Most of their money comes from panchinko machines. The problem is that you have the likes of Iizuka (who I kinda feel bad for in a way) and the rest of the old guard at SEGA who believe that they (SoJ) know what's best. Recently it seems Iizuka's kinda relaxed a bit, judging by the SxSW panel as he seemed loose and relaxed. A rumor has floated around that Atlus wants to make a JRPG spinoff for Sonic... which intrugies me.

There's a theory floating around that when Sega saw the design months ago, they asked Paramount to change the design to make it closer to what Sonic looks like in the game but release the trailer with the design as is to get people talking about the film... which worked really. As I said earlier (and doing a bit of research to mostly confirm it) Paramount typically doesn't do trailers until 3-4 months until release. Right now we're about 6-7 months out so it could give credence to the theory that they dropped the trailer to get people talking about it, cause people are now interested in the movie more than they were before, regardless of the reason.


With 2 more years until the 30th anniversary and the only game due is TSR (which looks great), I'm gonna put money on Mania 2 and another game in development by now that's due in the 2 years.

An Atlas JRPG of Sonic...okay that would actually be amazing. I mean if it's in a similar vain to Shin Megami Tensei and Persona then it could be what Sonic Chronicles should have been. I sincerely hope this rumor is true. Also relaxed? That's really interesting, that could mean a lot of things.

Regarding the film, I think it's okay. Now I'm cool with them tweaking Sonic's design for the final film but still it's a really daft position to be in. Why do you think the Sonic Movie has been passed around by several studios since the mid-90's? Well, mainly because Video Game Movies don't fair critically well, but also because adapting such a concept for theaters is difficult. The more out there a video game is, the harder it is to adapt. Ideally, Ben Hurst would have either gotten Season 3 of SatAM or a SatAM Film, yet sadly that did not happen of course. At least then we would have certainly got a good film. Frankly, this film's odds has been stacked since the very beginning, especially after Sonic's critical blunder back in 2006. Since then every major critic has turned against Sonic, even still that effect can be felt for what is an otherwise buggy and bad game, yet one that is not absolutely awful. In hindsight it's story is just alright at best after what I saw from Forces...

But back on topic, we're talking about a CGI Live-Action film with a rather low budget for this sort of affair. Around 100 Million, but Paramount has a lower budget for it's animated features, the fact that this film is what we got is a flat out miracle by itself.

Sonic's design so far is not perfect, his mouth is odd and he's not too expressive. Though I do think him having a more Anthro design is for the best because let's face it, having the goggle eyes in live-action would be way too uncanny. I would say that his height along with his proportions is at fault though, they tried to make sure he's as short in the games but it doesn't really work. If anything he should at least be 4'5 to 5'0, I'd think he would look better if he was taller in that aspect. But let's see how his design changes in the final version. 

From what the trailer showed me, Sonic seems like Sonic, he felt like the character so I'd say that's a good thing. Sonic's friend Tom seems decent, I mean look anything is better than say Chris Thorndyke and I'm so glad a Live-Action Sonic film wasn't made in the mid-2000's, otherwise we could have gotten that. Jim Carrey seems more like himself rather than Robotnik...sort of, I'm not expecting too much but to have a more fun Jim Carrey is always nice. Overall, I'm a bit more optimistic for the film than many out there who whine about it. I never expected this film to be a masterpiece, but I think it could be a nice fun romp. I just think that fans really need to chill out and relax, because all that negativity and hatred for not being "just like the games" will never get the series or fandom anywhere.

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I still will stay neutral on this aspect.  I am not fond of the movie taking place in our world, so I do not believe the film will be very promising and certainly not creative.  All they have to do is

https://twitter.com/jetjevons/status/768175120707837952/photo/1. The producers of the upcoming Sonic Movie were at SEGA of America's  HQ.

They should just let renowned developers who have made good games for them make a Sonic game. Like Platinum makes a hack and slash, or Atlus makes a Sonic RPG. Fursona. XD


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So, after all the madness and thankful restructure of Sonic's CG, we're finally getting the film in but a few days times in the US. It's been a hectic ride so I guess it's time to ask before anyone sees the movie. After everything is all said and done...

What are your expectations for the Sonic Movie now?

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So I found out a little while ago looking at a thread about it on twitter from Tyson Hesse that

Tails' inclusion at the end of the film was a last minute addition during the re-design process after the positive feedback from the 2nd trailer.


Also I am slightly disappointed the Blu-Ray didn't have an "original design" cut because I wanted to see how the film would have been if the execs kept the original design in.

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