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I went to By-water Orchard and Pumpkin Patch in Georgetown Kentucky the other day. It was really worth going. I went there once on a tour to see how they grow pumpkins. Learned a lot. Help watch the kids in our church group, got a bump on my head for all my trouble. Went down a slide with @KlayaThePitbull nephews and got smacked with the lip of the closed tube-slide. 🤪 At this age, I prefer the country store and the hayrides. Bough a peck of Joangold apples, and sugar free apple butter.  Corn Maze is really fun, especially during the night tour. I think @IronCheeze has already talked about our run in with some guy dressed up as the headless horseman one year.

@Wulfsbane You doing anything fun lately? You just finished vacation, right? Do you have anything to share?

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I went to King's Island with @IronCheeze and @TheRedStranger and rode the Orion, a gigacoaster that goes up to 90 miles per hour! That's pretty darn fast. Red built me up to it by going up the scale of thrill rides. First we started with the Viking Fury. It's a tradition with all of us. And then, we rode some softer rides like the Zephyr, a swing ride. By the time I rode the Banshee, The Bat, the Beast,  Mystic Timbres, and the Racers, I was excited to get to the Orion, especially after riding in the very front of the Diamond Back. I think riding up front on the Diamond Back is the best spot, you get a more exciting experience. When you go over the hill you fall straight down, head first, towards the ground. It's safe though, they double check everything, so I was not worried by the time we made to Orion.

 The Orion is over three hundred feet straight up. The chain pushes you up there quickly. It's not like classic coasters. It does not click-click, but glides you up really high, then  straight down you go. I loved it when it flipped our cart sideways on a horizontal loop. I thought I would never do something as extreme and crazy as ride something like that. 😨 🤪


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