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Order of SatAM Episodes

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Okay, it sounded like everyone liked the idea of making a thread dedicated to smoothing out where each episode of season ,1 and later perhaps season 2, would go.


So far we have:

1. Heads or Tails - The pilot episode with many new

2. Sonic Past Cool - The feel of this one is very child like and you can tell that the FF are learning the ropes.

3. (4) Sonic Boom (thanks for the input Ishpar!) - With the passing or robotization of cat we see the FF passing the torch to the next generation

4. (3) Harmonic Sonic - Other than the pilot, this one fits the rest of SatAM the least in many aspects. Did Sonic and Rotor eat some bad mushrooms with their fish? Who knows. :P

5. Sonic and Sally - Shows the first real seriousness of their relationship going beyond courtly love/infatuation.

6. Sonic Racer - Really, this episode could be anywhere mid season. We see them sabotaging Robotnik's hydroelectric energy production.

7. Hooked on Sonics - Sonic and Sally's relationship blossoms; Antoine's jealousy hits a crescendo. Also, we learn more about ring generation and that Robotnik can use their energy, which he seems to nee.

8. Warp Sonic - We understand that a stone powers a machine that creates the rings. Sonic gets too clingy as does Antoine; Sally rebuffs them.

9. Sub Sonic - Robotnik still extracting oil and at a voracious rate

10. Super Sonic - First encounter with "Magic" and an active crystal (Lazaar's computer)

11. Sonic and the Secret Scrolls - After the encounter with Lazaar, Sally looks into the legend of the scrolls; as does Robotnik.

12. Sonic's Nightmare - This shows Sonic's inner demons coming into play; specifically not being able to save his friends and family, including Uncle Chuck.

13. Ultra Sonic - Oil is being depleted and Robotnik is needing another energy source; active crystals. Also, we find Uncle Chuck for the first time, which is something Sonic would not be willing to let go, which would lead to Sonic Conversion; episode 2 of season 2.


Anyway, discuss!

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Nice list!  I guess we're going all out on trying to set things straight!  Okay, get ready for the critic.

Head or Tails- definately first.  The whole art design, character personalities, and plot seems to tie in more to AOSTH than the rest of Satam.  There is also a lot of influence from the earlier Archie comics especially with Muttski being present in this episode.  I would totally debunk this episode and not include it with the others, but the episode does at least introduce us to Knothole and the setting for Satam so...your choice, Mates.  I just tend to skip this episode.

As far as the rest on the list...**foot tapping**...hmm...I understand your reasoning but I am not entirely comfortable with the order.  Thank you for listening to my advice about Sonic Boom in relation to Cat; however, I would place the episode directly after Head or Tails not only because of Cat but also because of the subter file Nicole downloads at Ironlock Prison.  The FF were able to infiltrate Robotnik's stealthbot launch base by usage of the air duct: Robotnik then ordered Snively to seal the air ducts off.  Without Nicole's subter file and Cat no longer assisting them in their mission, I doubt the FF would be able to infiltrate Robotnik for later missions without getting caught by survellience.

I agree that Sonic Past Cool should be early on the list, but I believe Sub Sonic should be before it and after Boom.  Yes, Robotnik is seeking the oil with a passion, but I don't think the episode mentioned anything about Robotnik being low on oil: I attribute it more to his greedy nature.  Anyways, some of the Great Forest is looking poor during this episode, and the FF are more concerned with maintaining the Great Forest than starting more guerilla missions in Robotropolis.  After the creature gives Rotor the green powder to help regrow their trees, the Great Forest never seemed to have an issue with pollution (Sonic's Nightmare would have involved a world calamity other than simple pollution from the factories).  Could the green water/powder have some type of immunity to the pollution from Robotropolis?  Also, Rotor seems to be a little uncomfortable at taking the lead in helping his friends (compare this to the episode in Sonic and Sally) and also comes to the conclusion at the end of the episode that doing heroic work gives him a headache (hence why he prefers staying at Knothole unless the situation calls him to leave).

Next would be Sonic Past Cool.  It does seem lighter, and the focus of Robotnik wanting to robotize the dinosaur-like creatures seems to draw either on his greed or his want to finish roboticize every type of creature on Mobius.  Another reason why I placed this episode a little later instead of near the beginning was the spark plants.  Sally was able to extract some of the seeds: in the last episode of season 2, the toxin in the balloons Rotor made seem to have a similar effect as the plants did to metal in the jungle but the FF also had a limited supply.  Plants take time to grow, and it looked like it was Rotor's job to work in developing a method to use the plants as a type of weapon.  This takes time, but if we placed this episode at the very beginning of the season, then I would believe Rotor would be able to make more than 25 balloons from these plants.  This episode also focuses on Sally using Nicole to work on a project (the collars for the dinosaurs), and she seemed a little uncomfortable whether the project would work (she seems more comfortable with Nicole in other episodes).  Ooo...just one other tid bit detail...Sonic was able to use his power ring to break through the barrier field.  This event may have led to Sonic's idea in Sonic's Nightmare.

Call me crazy, but I believe next up should be Super Sonic.  That's a nice leap on your list, but there is one main reason why I would put it closer to the beginning than the end: electricity.  What was Rotor working on during the events of the episode?  A waterwheel.  Why?  For electricity for Knothole.  I know Sonic wasn't very impressed, but think to a couple of episodes where the FF use electricity in Knothole.  Any episode that showed Knothole with electricity has to come after Super Sonic.  Another reason is Nicole.  Her one processor chip was damaged and was the main reason for Sally and Sonic returning to Robotropolis.  If we keep to the suggested list I have, Sally only went to Robotropolis once to decomission the Stealthbots.  I believe the Stealthbots were seen as a possible threat to Knothole, and Sally believed they had to be taken out.  Once Cat (the last senior member) is gone, Sally and the other FF have been working more on missions relating to Knothole and the Great Forest, not attacking Robotnik.  Sally's purpose for infiltrating Robotropolis was to find a new processor chip for poor Nicole, not to stop any of Robotnik's schemes.  Play in tie with Sonic's newfound knowledge of Lazaar's magic: Sonic wanted to retrieve the magic to easily beat Robotnik.  If the last thing they did to Robotnik was trash his stealthbots, then I'm sure Sonic was getting anxious to start another attack on Robotnik (and to find an easy way to do it).  Robotnik also seems to be a little more mellow to the FF than other episodes: he was content with brainwashing Sally and Bunnie and only ordered them to be roboticize along with Sonic, not on their own.  Robotnik also seems to start holding more of a grudge against Sonic after having the crystal stolen by him.

Next up: Sonic Racer.  With Knothole now supplied with electricity and safe from pollution, Sally and the FF can finally reorganize to attack Robotnik.  The swatbots and Robotnik seem to be pretty annoyed by Sonic at this point after having dealt with him in the other episodes.  Robotnik also finally considers the FF to be a worthy threat, and after the race and his back-up generator being destroyed, Robotnik is not too thrilled with Sonic.  Their eniminty seems to have sparked in this episode.

Runner up: Hooked on Sonic and Harmonic Sonic.  Robotnik wanted the life force from the Great Forest, but his other plan was the destruction of the Freedom Fighters with the loss of the Great Forest.  Robotnik is finally able to study the power ring and use a device to track Sonic's speed.  Robotnik also is more cruel with Sonic in this episode: he's willing to eliminate him instead of robotisizing him.  In the next episode, Robotnik created Skyspy solely for the purpose of finding and destroying Knothole.  At this time, Sally is able to use a computer in Knothole, so there has to be electricity for the FF to use.  Rotor also seems uncomfortable with flying Robotniks' ships out of Skyspy while he has no trouble flying it in Sonic and Sally.  A fun side note, this would be the last time Sonic plays his guitar because he found out from the Skyspy robots that he stinks!

Warp Sonic would be next.  Once again, the FF are out to hit Robotnik, so they are no longer concerned in just protecting Knothole.  As for the power stone Uncle Chuck made, didn't some episodes say it took the ring 12 hours to form and others said 24 hours?  If so, then any episode where the rings are mentioned at forming in 24 hours have to come after this episode for it would make sense the rings take double the time to make with half a power stone.

Next up: Sonic and Sally.  Their attack on Robotnik's factory involves many explosive linked to Nicole: I believe the FF needed time and resources before being able to come up with that many smart explosives.  Robotnik again seems interested in finding Knothole, and Tails starts to show his first signs of maturing by being the only resident of Knothole to not be fooled by the Robot (Sonic didn't believe him, but once the truth was known, he gave Tails all the credit: I believe this is Sonic finally recognizing Tails possible ability to learn to become a fellow FF).  Sonic's and Sally's friendship seems to be stronger in this episode, and Sonic's experience with the Sally robot and nearly saving Sally from being robotisize could have been what brought on the nightmare (note that Chuck had nothing to do with the nightmare; only Sally).  Also, this is the first time Sonic deals with Mega-muck: Sonic's nightmare involves mega-muck and robotic Sally.  Coincidence?  A final note: Tails is less disgusted with Sonic and Sally kissing than in Hooked on Sonic: maybe he is starting to accept their romantic relationship.

As seen in my last paragraph, I believe Sonic's NIghtmare is tied to Sonic and Sally, so I would put this baby next.  It would be long enough of a time spin for Rotor to collect those swatbot outfits for Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine.  Robotnik's relationship with Sonic seems to change throughout this episode: he was ready for Sonic's appearance and wanted to capture him, but by the end he was downright obsessed with wanting to kill him!  We know how obsessed Robotnik is with Sonic in season 2: could this be the start of his obsession?  Robotnik's plan was also a step up as polluting the clouds with acid rain would affect every refugee in Mobius: his plans for world destruction are growing.

Sonic and the Secret Scrolls are next.  Sally is intent on finding more ways to stop Robotnik, but Sonic ends up criticizing her whole plan from start to finish.  I know he was concerned with Robotnik catching the FF, but I believe Sonic was also concerned about the scrolls.  If Super Sonic occurred before this episode, then Sonic would have right to be concerned about Sally chasing after magical artifacts as he had an earlier experience that didn't end well.  This is also the first time when the leaders of the FF are at opposite ends of the rope, and Sally basically uses her own leadership to carry out the mission without Sonic: this tension is seen more in season 2 so could this be the start of their strong disagreements in regards to each other's plans?  Sonic also seemed to have learned from his nightmare and used his brain to find the first marker (and Sally was quick to give him credit).  As one last sidenote, Robotnik once again seems a little eager to kill Sonic...obsession?

I agree with you that Ultra Sonic should be the season finale, but allow me to add one more reason: the Roboticizer.  Sonic and Sally were seeking to download blueprints for the Robotocizer and to try to shut it down.  By the end of the epissode, Sally was able to download the blueprints, but we do not see any work on the Derobotocizer until season 2.  I believe it makes more sense for the episode to be closer to the start of season 2.  As for the crystal, Chuck mentioned that removing that much crystal would destroy Mobius' ecosystem (they basically saved all of Mobius); looks like Robotnik is gettting closer to Doomsday thoughts.  The ending also made a mark on Sonic: it was the only thing that brought him to tears in season 1.  Sonic's last words close the season to open up the second one where his goal is to free Uncle Chuck.


Sorry for the long critic!  Here is the suggested order I made based on my reasons:

1. Heads or Tails (or skip if it doesn't belong)

2. Sonic Boom

3. Sub Sonic

4. Sonic Past Cool

5. Super Sonic

6. Sonic Racer

7. Hooked on Sonic

8. Harmonic Sonic

9. Warp Sonic

10. Sonic and Sally

11. Sonic's NIghtmare

12. Sonic and the Secret Scrolls

13. Ultra Sonic

Feel free to critic my list.




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