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12 hours ago, WarTraveller said:


So apparently Ken Penders is now saying he owns Shade. And any evidence suggesting ohterwise will be held to "legal action".

Ironically a month ago and a few hours after that tweet he admitted he "didn't own Shade, but she's a ripoff."

He thinks cause Sega abandoned her, she's up for grabs.

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its official! i have graduated! 

My sister always makes the best birthday cards.

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And frankly that makes me so angry it's unbelievable. He really thinks he just owns ALL echidnas. I wanna see more of them, tho. The Echidna clan was ONE tribe, the entire species can't be extinct. But no, because Knuckles "has" to be the last from royal mandate, and apparently Penders owns an entire species. 

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On 1/4/2021 at 3:07 PM, MoKat said:

Sounds like he already has 🙄

Some people claim that he lost touch with reality a long time ago 😵

I recommend a 9th level banishment spell. Materials needed, an old priest and a young priest. And a mop to clean up the pea-soup.

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I wouldnt have an issue with GHZ if it didn't feel like the same level over and over again.


I mean, take a look at Green Greens in Kirby. They love that place and it feels different every time

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