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How would you introduce Classic Sonic into "Sonic 2017"

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So with the "Sonic 2017" trailer yesterday showing that Classic Sonic will be making a return, one of the biggest questions has been "How will Classic Sonic be introduced into this game?"

I pass the question on to you guys: How will Classic Sonic be introduced into this game?

Chaos Emeralds? Time Eater 2? Another Robotnik/Eggman Invention? Other? I want to hear your thoughts and theories guys.

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Now that'd be simple;

Armed with whatever person/technology clearly allowed Eggman to bathe the world in fire (bad future, maybe?), he would use it to gather as many Sonic's as he possibly could and destroy them all, Classic Sonic among them However, because Classic Sonic has Plot Armour gifted by SEGA is small and incredibly agile, he manages to escape his restraints but only has time to get Modern Sonic out of the restraints before Eggman tries to kill the others. He fails, but he locks them away until he manages to find a way to do it, giving the two Sonic's time to escape and plan to save them before Eggman rends the multiverse asunder with his potential paradoxes.

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Well let's see, for now we aren't sure if this is Generations 2 of some kind, though it seems more likely. Personally I would like to see the Time Stones being involved and Eggman messing around with time travel on a more global scale rather then just being contained in Little Planet, Soleanna, or that White Space place.

That and with them you don't need any sort of Chaos Control crud or Time Eaters, especially since you already have the Time Stones existing so there is Time Travel in the first place, it's why 06 was so aggravating to me on how Time Travel was handled, at least the Time Eater I could forgive and Sonic CD was referenced as happening, that and it didn't go rampant and rogue like every other Elderic Abomination in the series.

It makes me wonder if they are going to do something smart and interesting, which would be asking a lot really in Sega Sonic. XP
So I'm gonna call Time Shenanigans on this one...which is pretty obvious and until further info is released I'll speculate and hope that the Time Stones are involved. Though it makes me wonder with all of this going on, are they going to end up rebooting the whole series? I mean other then the redesigns starting from Sonic Adventure, which is sort of a reboot like with Previous Character Ages but otherwise most previous games apparent happened during that time, it makes me wonder if that'll happen. Will we get a new and better Redesign? Or will everything be alls well that ends well like every other time? Probably the latter but we can dream.


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See I'm beginning to wonder if Sonic Mania will lead into Sonic 2017? That could be in the very realm of possibility.


Also, according to sources, this is not Generations 2 and it will not have the same style of game play as Generations. Which leads to another question: Is Clasic Sonic going to be a support character?

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I just saw this trailer: sweet!  Sega must have taken the positive reviews from Generations and incorporate a similar storyline that follows the Generation story.  It may not be a second Generations, but it looks like it's following the same storyline, so could it can't as a type of sequel?


I don't know if Classic Sonic is just a co-op character: from the look at the trailer he looks like he is going to play a big part in the storyline, so I could easily see a choice to use either Modern or Classic Sonic in gameplay; however, I don't think it will be Generations style with Classic only doing 2d stages: I'd say both Sonics will play in the same levels with the choice of single or co-op modes.

As for story, I like Mike's suggestion of using the Time Stones: not only would it bring in a new storyline that can flow with Generation's, but it would also be useful in rebuilding past ideas of the Genesis era and prepare people for the other Sonic game coming out (forget the name but it's supposed to be another 2d adventure similar to Genesis).

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