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For those who show excellent reputation, vision, and steady contributions to the site, we hope to open up a Minecraft Realm up for you soon. :)

Here is where we will discuss plans, challenges, and exchange fond experiences pertaining to the official Server.

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Our colony in the Nether has been one of my favorite things to build. Walking through the place is eerie and seeing how we forced the game to produce water in that environment finally was a fun accomplishment. The place creates a story in your mind as you walk through it. 

We will be adding more people to the Realm. We are currently setting up out conditions for who to invite as the potential list of users may be limited. If it gets very popular and we face that issue, we might set up a Pateron for the site people can donate too to keep such things sustained and expanding. :)

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11 hours ago, Prince By-Tor said:


Heh, found my little addition, did you? I basically spent my first time on the server in awe of just how much you did. Maybe next time I'll actually build stuff. Like my own house. I have an idea on what to do.

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2 hours ago, Wulfsbane said:

I built (and still working on) a destroyed castle town, my own little house, & some other minor things.

Is the Nether portal still exiting in my mine?


No, I took one obsidian block out to make it do otherwise, but it just spontaneously made one at the mouth of your mine; next time I'm on I'll fix it.


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