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1. You absolutely MUST pick up where the last poster left off; no restarting of the roleplay. You have to keep continuity.

2. You cannot post twice in a row; let someone else go before posting again.

3. Other than fixing typos/grammar there is no editing once you've posted.

4. Do not be belligerent at anyone's subsequent additions to the story; furthermore, retcons or ignoring of an addition to the story will not be tolerated.

5. Keep it PG-13 and free of anything that could make others feel needlessly uncomfortable (honor basic conduct rules).

6. No Sue-mongering. Don't try to kill each other off all that easy and try to collaborate with each other. [Bracket suggested outcomes if need be.]

That's it. Besides this there is no rules, no limits on what characters you use (original or not), and what happens. I will start the scenario and you can be and do whatever, each turn the next poster is basically the GM. This is a Roleplay, and not a spaghetti-story - this is all the more about playing out a character and a concept rather than mere composition. 


 During a climatic clash with Doctor Eggman over one of his many ovoid-themed doomsday machines, a portal opens to a grand fantasy world and they are both sucked in during the fight. They seperate in the maelstrom whilst embattled in fist-cuffs. Suddenly Eggman himself in the middle of a strange medieval village, with a town crier bellowing:

"Bring out yha dead! Bring out yha dead! Two fer one deal; dump one an' we'll 'aul off the second free'a cha'ge!"

Eggman spins around to realize the swirling portal knitting itself rapidly back together. He huffs and puffs, his belly jiggling as he jogged to reach it. Heaving he sprinted, only smack face first into a stone wall. He slides down and flops back-first onto the cobble stone, only to find himself surround by singed and mangled skeletons, bruised and battered, his eyes flicker under his now askew sun glass. The lost thing he hears is the hushed murmur of onlookers and the shrill shouts of the Town Crier.

The Town Crier: "Oy! Boy! Get the carriage an' me Clydesdale! We got a wide meaty load, 'ere!"




[What happens next? What character's show up? Where is Sonic? What happened in the village? It's your turn to roleplay characters, introduce concepts, DM. Almost anything goes!]


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A second portal opens just over the unconcious Eggman, and landing right on tope of him is...Waluigi? His fall broken by the round scientist, he looks around his surroundings. "Weh? Where the heck am I?" He looks around at all the onlookers, very confused.

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The brute guffaws as the supposed corpse flails. "Uh...this one's movin', boss."

The man shouted back, clearly annoyed. "Ack! I said it n'ery a million times, laddie. It's just a death-twitch. Give him a konk on the ol' gnoggin an they'll stop right true, I assure ya."

 As the lanky alleged corpse struggled with the stocky brute, a violet malestrom slowly swirled up above....

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A massive airship exited out of the maelstrom. The engines buzzing lightly but one could hear the angry tirade of its pilot aboard.

"its not a balloon! It's an airship! Get outside!" Said the old white moustached German man in a white captains cap. 

Suddenly a group of people fell from the zeppelin many of them ministers of state, a funny bearded admiral and a man in royal regalia with a funny moustache and weak left arm. All of them fell onto the cart.

"GOTT IM HIMMEL!" Said the man in Royal regalia sitting up on the pile of bodies. 

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Once upon a time,

There was a Mexican Restaurant built of frozen burritos in the Mushroom Kingdom. All the new employees were Mexican toads and they were singing Feliz Navidad, during the grand winter opening of the Restaurant. Everything was going loco as everyone was celebrating, but then Bowser came...

 He forced his way inside, without a reservation, ate hot spicy fire-flower chalupas, and then got really sick in the gut. He bent over and he let out a big explosive fire-fart. He roared in pain and screamed: "OWWWWW! MY glorious lizards cheeks are burnin'. I'm gonna sue you toads for this!"

 To make things worse, the walls, all made of those frozen burritos started to thaw in the heat of the deathly fire farts. The restaurant could collapse!

@Mike Arcade - You are next. Good luck!

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