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{Disclaimer: all games in the Souls Series are rated "M" for violence/blood/gore & partial nudity.}

Hello everyone,

  I have been really busy getting Graduate school stuff in order waiting  to pull the trigger, so I have not have much chance to explore the site as much as I want to. Unfortunately, I was almost taken aback by the complete lack of Souls thread in here so to rectify this issue I will attempt to start one. I am not much for starting threads I like the discussion more that starting it but here it goes.

 The Souls series I think has an excellent use of deep story for those of us who love the lore but also appeals to the I just want to hack and slash "COD" gamer in all of us.  The souls series has become slighlty softer since it's beginning in Demon Souls which I believe the mechanics and strategy were at its peak. DS1 was an excellent "sequel" but DS2 really dropped the ball for me. The invention of power stance caused quality builds to just dominate the PvP scene. WTH was up with that parry animation and the player just falling down begging to be stabbed in the face. I almost gave up DS due to the experience I had in DS2 because of the lack of variety in the entire game. DS3 on the other hand have been what every Souls fan has wanted. The story and the mystery is just enough to the lore junkies to quiver speculation after speculation which brings me to the topic I would like to discuss. I enjoy every aspect of lore in the souls series I currently am interested in the furtive pigmy. Alternatively, I am open to build discussion and I am currently quite proud of my build as I consider it unique from most of the community or just talk about anything souls related I'll pop back in to keep it going.

**Special note: if everyone despises the Souls series, and finds it to be so far inferior to the elder scrolls series nobody wants to talk about it. I give the moderators complete permission to delete this thread if they so choose no hard feelings.***

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1 hour ago, Dryus Rothic said:

Special note: if everyone despises the Souls series, and finds it to be so far inferior to the elder scrolls series nobody wants to talk about it. I give the moderators complete permission to delete this thread if they so choose no hard feelings.***

It will stand, with dust or not, Dryus. I will never sweep a civil man under a rug here. :)

I am not one for deleting a thread where one expressed his thoughts and feelings on a matter in a way that  had no malicious intention and rather had intent to generate edifying dialogue. I am not one for censorship, even to the point of bitterness from those would indeed desire to silence a disparity of opinion. Fresh opinions keep the world moving. 

I also expect others to be civil about your thoughts and invite them to dialogue constructively if they agree or disagree with you either way. 

[I would however think about renaming it to the "The Soul Series." Less vague - might more people to notice.]


I have not played the yet so sadly I can't give a fair opinion in response ( @Nagol has though I believe and so has @Wulfsbane) All I know so far is that music is killer for mood music when you Dungeon Master. :D

[Speaking of which - Mike tells me you want to Rp sometime. Feel free to register for a RP or just pop up into the Minarchy Thread anytime you desire. It's real fun there - Minarchy basically means you can post almost anything at anytime RP-wise.]


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I played it for like a couple minutes, died multiple times for dumb reasons, and decided to get go'in while the go'in was good rather than suffer till I eventually become so numb as to git gud and loathe everything about anything. (still made for a good joke at work though:IMG_20160826_153224.jpg)

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20 hours ago, TheRedStranger said:


Should I merge this with an adventure thread, RP thread, or Rogue-Likes thread?

I don't think so. This is in Video Gaming Discussions for a reason & I think it would get lost in any other thread (and none of the games in the series are a Rogue-like; nothing is randomly generated, BTW).

There have been announcements (like this one) about a Demon Souls remaster for the PS5, so this thread could get more action soon.

{Edit: FYI, I've beaten -all- of the Souls games, even if you include Bloodborne, so if anybody wants tips, feel free to ask. }

*posts Dark Souls boss theme for Ornstein & Smough*


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Dark Souls II: SOTFS - How Many Bosses Can You CHEESE?


FYI, SOTFS is the standard abbreviation of "Scholar of the First Sin" which is the remake version of Dark Souls 2.


And, yes, I have done some of those things :)

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Wait...u can actually use Crystal Magic Weapon on the Moonlight Greatsword??

Dark Souls II: SOTFS - Unique Weapons With Special Abilities


Even though there are many of them and some of which are pretty interesting, these still don't even come close to the strength and power of the ones from the original Dark Souls. This is pretty much the game where they started underpowering everything.


0:01 Wrathful Axe
00:28 Spitfire Spear
00:58 Ivory Straight Sword
01:28 Iron King Hammer
01:58 Dragonslayer Spear
02:25 Thorned Greatsword
03:19 Helix Halberd
04:35 Drakewing Ultra Greatsword
05:09 Sanctum Shield
07:10 Blue Flame
08:32 Sacred Chime Hammer
09:25 Sanctum Crossbow
09:55 Sanctum Repeating Crossbow
10:23 Bow of Want
11:16 Smelter Sword
12:02 Moonlight Greatsword
13:11 Puzzling Stone Sword
14:03 Majestic Greatsword
15:12 Bone Fist
16:06 Curved Dragon Greatsword
16:51 Smelter Hammer
18:21 Avelyn (only crossbow capable of power stance)
19:35 Spider Fang (special slows movement)
21:19 Channeler's Trident (dance buffs damage)
22:17 Sorcerer's Twinblade
23:11 Old Whip(bonus damage vs hollows)
24:05 Mytha's Bent Blade (builds toxic)
24:46 Pilgrim's Spontoon
27:03 Shield Crossbow (guard while firing)
29:00 Defender Greatsword
30:23 Ricard's Rapier
30:54 Aged Smelter Sword
31:55 Mace of the Insolent
36:20 Wathcher Greatsword
37:02 Ivory King Ultra Greatsword
38:14 Possessed Armor Sword
39:14 Bewitched Alonne Sword
40:04 Eleum Loyce (heals allies)
43:44 Disc Chime
44:23 Reeve's Greatshield and Orma's Greatshield (only shields capable of power stance)
45:24 Ice Rapier


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