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I am the Knight

MJ Knight

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Hi there.

My name is MJ Knight.  I am a 9 year Entertainer since being on YT in 2007.  I know it will say differently on my YT channel, but that's because I switched channels last year.

I think of myself as youthful, but with some wisdom.  I've made some bad decisions in the past but am wiser for it.  Furthermore, I believe learning the hard way pays more dividends as you appreciate the lesson more rather than learning the easy way or by listening to someone else's experience as then you haven't really lived it.  If that makes any sense to you.

I got my start on YT as mentioned in 2007 when I was the voice of probably the only Knight Rider video series called Knight Watch.  The Second Generation (aka KR 2008) was building up to air the SG Pilot in February of that year and I was gaining a following because of my input and passion.

I would later form RawDown Rebound with Oni Rokaku that covered Raw & SmackDown on a weekly basis.  We're currently on our second hiatus.  First was in 2014 after the Authority style was getting on our nerves.  We took a break a second time because Raw was just bad again and I went back to SmackView for it's 4th Season but covering NXT instead of SmackDown where I covered 3 Seasons of it.

I love movies, 80's music.  As well as podcasting and film-making, I really enjoy photography - particularly cars and Steam Trains.

I do retrospectives from time to time.  Of which this year I did a 16 part retrospective on 25 years of Sonic The Hedgehog of which I thought was ok, but could have been better.

I am going back to Knight Rider next month with the return of Knight Watch as it's the 8th Anniversary of SG.

I think that will conclude my introduction.  Thank you for having me.

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20 hours ago, WarTraveller said:

Oh yeah, I remember watching that show! The original was always the best, to be fair.

The original (aka KR G1) still holds up well after all these years.  It turns 34 this September 26.


19 hours ago, Prince By-Tor said:

Greetings! Welcome to the site. I'm a fan of Knight Rider too; the original.

Sweeet :)



14 hours ago, TheRedStranger said:


We are welcome to have you aboard, Knight. :) Your creative works are welcome here in all their diverse mediums.

I am big fan of music from the 80's as well. Have you looked into Synthwave?

I appreciate that.  Am currently listening to Synthwave.  It's awesome/

Here's a little something to get you started

Fast Memories - Sonic's 25th


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