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Hi, I'm Mike, Mike Arcade ;P
Let me show you how things work around here...
Okay all joking aside here's a board for that strange but captivating game Undertale, which the internet and especially tumblr loves a lot!

This topic will contain spoilers so if you've played all the way through or just don't care about that please proceed. Some of us here such as myself have experienced this game over and over again, you either spared everyone, killed someone, or even killed everyone! Regardless of what your choice was in the game discuses about your experience with the game, how you feel about the world, characters, anything about the game you like and even don't like, or what you would add on or even change about it!

I think the game as good as it is has some flaws to it when it comes to the story and characters but I wanna here what you guys have to say first.

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