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13 hours ago, Ishapar said:

What resources would I need to mess with voice acting?  Any suggestion on software/hardware?

Professionals use Adobe Premier but Audacity is free for amateurs.  A great starter Mic is a Yeti Blue. Its cardaroid setting is excellent for voice acting and it's Condensor quality. You will want a quiet area too. I recommend you take a closet that you can stand ans move inside then sound proof it with mattress foam to start out. 

Movement is important  in voice acting. Notice how many voice actors like the late Robin Williams and Mark Hamill stand move like they are acting out a scene in one of their visual roles. Why? Because the voice changes subtly when we physically act. To get that sound you are looking for might involve acting out a player movements or pulling tricks. One good example was the late vocalist for Motorhead Lemmy Killmiester lifting his head and elevating his mic on stage. Doing so forced him to look up, causing his neck muscles to constrict his vocal cards so he could get that rough, leather sound without straining his epiglotas. You will have to  really practice and experiment with how to make sounds work and be readiably useable for hours voice acting.. 

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