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On 7/13/2018 at 10:13 AM, Mike Arcade said:

So, Chaotix claw hand aside would guys say that this is loosely based off of Sonic Spinball's Bonus Stage or Casinopolis' Pinball tables from SA1?

Hrmm...tough call. I'm kinda leaning toward Casinopolis' Pinball tables right now.

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Looks like we got some classic styled cheat codes for Sonic Mania Plus!

You got some obvious ones like All Emeralds and such, then you have one like Max Control which just gives you ALL of Sonic's Extra Abilities. A really nice touch if you ask me.
Although there is a cheat where you can disable the Super Music as well, now as awesome as the Super Theme is why is that not in the Game Options? Anyway if you guys want these cheats their in the link above, if so enjoy. :)

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Soooooooooo it's my job now to revive some old threads and BOY HOWDY I got an idea for this one.

So, on Reddit someone asked that, should there be a Sonic Mania 2 (...and there probably will be), what stages from previous games will be added? To me that's actually quite tricky, as they'd have to be fan favourites that didn't appear in M1. So, the runner-ups. So the first question would be;

In a Sonic Mania 2, what returning stages have a solid chance of being featured?

For me, it's Emerald Hill, maybe Marble, Wacky Workbench and Sky Sanctuary for sure. But really, if there IS another Mania, I don't want another "glory days" nostalgia trip. No, my idea is, if Mania 1 focuses on Classic stages and gameplay, then Mania 2 is the same for Dreamcast stages and gameplay. Twinkle Park, Metal Harbour, Rail Canyon, that kinda thing. So with THAT in mind;

If Mania 2 focused on Dreamcast stages, what stages would return? What are the fan favourites?

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