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It Is I, He-Whose-Name-Can't-Be-Pronounced!


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Hi there. I'm Ogilvie, but you may call me Tanner if it pleases you (that or Ogilvie is hard to write/pronounce :P). 

I was invited to join, and I'm honored to be here. You might know me from either my work on the Sonic Revolution fan convention (I double as its primary social media liaison and its merchant the day of the convention), or my active posting and moderator work on the Sonic Stadium Message Board. I also manage the Sonic the Hedgehog Fans Page on Facebook.

I run a small business selling Sonic and other merchandise on the side while I study to get a Political Science doctorate. I quite enjoy History and Philosophy, so academic discussion tends to perk my interest. I've also developed an interest in Sonic events ever since attending SEGA America's Sonic Boom event in 2012, and have attended it every year since then. If you're ever interested in meeting me, Boom or Revolution is your best bet!

You may notice my avatar is not a Sonic character. That would be "Tennessee Kid" Cooper from the Sly Cooper franchise. In terms of video games, my two primary genres are platformers and strategy. I'm an avid member of the furry fandom, so the presence of an anthropomorphic cast member is likely to attract my interest to nearly anything. In the immortal words of Gazelle, "Try Everything!"

I hope to be active here and get to know you all. :)

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It's great to finally have you on here Tanner. It's good to have fans from other sites on here as well so we can all grow together and build a better fandom.

Hopefully in the future we could come down to the next Sonic Revolution convention and really make strides in our mission statement.

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