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So...yeah, this is where I will post anything that isn't really fiction; drawings or SFM (Source Film Maker) stills will probably take up most of the content here. The first one is perhaps the most depressing...


Yep. That's a Sash Lilac from Freedom Planet, bound to a wheelchair and gazing longingly at the sky she used to briefly soar around in. Following with my love of the Multiverse, this is Lilac from universe FP-084. In this universe, Lilac was shot in the spine by Brevon as she fled the Thermal Base, rendering her a paraplegic (paralysed from the waist down - from the neck down is called quadriplegic). With the healing baths destroyed, Lilac is sort of stuck in a wheelchair until she either heals or Torque builds her robot legs. Pretty hard in a world that lacks wheelchair access - or wheelchairs. Good thing Carol can carry her in her arms, while Milla can carry those green blocks and can use them to push Lilac around. They more or less have to take care of her, seeing as Lilac has sort of grown depressed and doesn't feel like doing anything herself. On her truly off days, she hangs around the edges of Dragon Valley, looking up at the skies and hoping that one day she can walk once more, let alone fly.

So...yeah, SFM is kind of a backside to use on laptops. SFM dun like laptops, hence why the rendering is...sub-par. Because it's not rendered; the image keeps being overlapped with a in-progress image whenever it renders. So this is using the "copy to clipboard" function. I'm not sure if I will make more of these; it IS usable, it's just a bit less convenient than if I had a desktop. Which...I don't.

DA Link: http://fav.me/dasmx03

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