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  As you guys know, I am working hard to get my B.F.A with a concentration in Graphics Design and am also branching out to audio-design/music as well. I will be sharing some of my portfolio as well in all my various classes.  I got a lot to organize but here are some I can share right now:


1. This is a Set Design Piece for my  Intro to Theater Class I made for the finale for the stage play of Dracula. - I wanted to go with a minimalist design as to make it applicable for the University setting, focusing on stark colors and monolithic shapes to give it the imposing finality needed to make things truly scary and fitting for a climax, yet all on a reasonable budget. 


2. This is a class for Sculpture Survey I. The piece was plaster and wire and was only meant to be three simple plaster shapes that were made "organic." I decide to go all out. I painted layers of stone texture mixed with tempura, mud, and sand for texture and airbrushed in streaks of gold, copper, and silver. This was to impose a sense of earthiness and texture to the typicall sterile, geometric shape that is a cube. And what better way to do this all than by emulating Minecraft? I made this piece for @Prince By-Tor's son, who adores the game. This is the first time I ever worked in a tradition sculpting medium.



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Decided to do a illustration for Who Goes There? The novel that directly inspired The Thing. This is just a Jpeg. The lossless image file I am obviously saving to sell as a digital print. What do you think of it so far? Note: click on the image to get the full quality. The image seen is just a preview. :)

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