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SallyAcornLover says Hi to everyone. :-)


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Hello there The Free Scribes of Mobius! :-)

I am SallyAcornLover, and I am a new member to your Free Scribes Of Mobius community.
Pleased to meet you. ^^

Finally I’ve got some free time to write an introducing here.

I am mainly here, because I received some very friendly invitations from Ishapar and also recently from TheRedStranger as well to join your fan community about Sally & Sonic.
Well, I must confess that I don’t exactly know what to write, especially because I know TFSOF since a very short time and don’t really know much about your group.
I just know that here are also Sallyfans and Fans from the SatAM series around, which is making me very happy, because I don’t know much communities with these kind of fans.

More about myself:
I live in the country Germany, so English is not my native language.
Anyways, I learned English in school for several years and as well as in between as after school I still trained myself through different kinds of ways in that language to get much more knowledge.
I excuse myself in advance for possible mistakes I might do.
Please correct me if I make some spelling mistakes.

As a Sallyfan I am happy to get what I can get, even if it is not much, especially if you live in a country where people don’t care much about the real Sonic stuff.
That means that there is no released DVD or VHS cassette from Sonic SatAM in Germany unfortunately, however, I am very happy that I had the chance to buy the Original DVD of the Saturday Morning Sonic Cartoon with the complete seasons in the box set imported from the USA a few years ago.
Anyways, people should know that there are already existing two different official version of Sonic SatAM in the German language. They aired even in German television stations, but neither of both versions were ever released on any official medium, unfortunately.
I personally prefer the first german version from the early 90s over the newer one.

I watched the tv-series for the first time in, well, I believe it was around 1993 and 1994, and I became a fan of the tv-show, too.
I already loved Sally, Bunnie, Sonic and all the other Freedom Fighters in the 90s and still do.
The tv-series was radiated occasionally. I guess it was between 1993 and 1996, and then around 1999 a second time.
I am generally a Sonicfan since 1992, when I played Sonic 2 on a Sega Mega Drive with friends.
However, I also grew up with all the cool tv-series, some comics, unfortunately not the Archie ones, but the Fleetway Comics (which are also cool somehow), and of course also together with the games.

My hobbies are Sally Acorn and the USA-Sonic, USA related stuff, swimming, bicycling, drawing & painting pictures, DeviantArt, music, theology, reading books & comics, watching series and movies, writing in forums and chat messengers, playing videogames from time to time, and a few more things.

When it comes to Sonic related things, my favorite series are Saturday Morning Sonic, Sonic Underground, and I also love the Sonic Archie Comics (mainly the ones before Sally was roboticized) and the Fleetway Sonic Comics as well.

My favorite characters are Princess Sally Acorn, Perci Bandicoot, Nicolette the Weasel, Nicole the Lynx, Bunnie Rabbot, Lupe the Wolf, Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna.

You can also find me here:



My self-made Home Page about Sally Acorn:

I have to admit that my home page is not up-to-date right now unfortunately; anyways, I would love to let you know that it exists anyways.
I just did not have the time to do something new for over two years.

In addition, I reveal right from start, that I am someone who tries to follow Jesus Christ, yeah, I am a so-called Christian, I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.
For me there is only one God.
Many fans of Sally are Christians, too.
I have seen them on DeviantArt.

Well, that's it, so far. ^^
If you have any questions, just ask me.

Long live Princess Sally Acorn with Sonic The Hedgehog and the other Freedom Fighters!

Much love and peace to everyone here! :-)


PS: Thanks a lot to TheRedStranger and to Ishapar for inviting me here. :-)
Without you two guys I would possibly even never know about this place here. ^^

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@ Rick Tyger, Akessel92, Ishapar, MoKat, Prince By-Tor

First of all I want to thank everyone of you for your friendly welcomings. :-)
I’m not sure if I unvented some important things.

@ Rick Tyger

Thank you. :-) I am a Sallyfan, and I love Sally Acorn, but I also like some other characters as well. ^_^
Mainly the ones from the American Sonic Canon from the early 90s in general, as I already mentioned.

@ Akessel92

Hello back. :-)

@ Ishapar

Yes, right now I’m finally  here. :-)
Why not getting too cozy? ^^

@ MoKat

Yes, indeed. But I didn’t write much over there, especially because of my permanently lack of time in real-life.
I really enjoy being in English speaking forums, especially among others in communities where the Western Sonic Canon is much more appreciated. :-)

@ Prince By-Tor

You understand German as well? Cool! :-D
Thanks a lot / Dankeschön! :-)
Schön, auch Sie zu treffen! :-)


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@Prince By-Tor

I believe that we can learn a lot from each other. :)
You German and me English.

Not exactly sure, which words you tried to translate, but I guess you meant something like this:
“A little bit of the language. Mostly through German music.”
Maybe you could write the sentences in English, so I could translate and write them for you? :)
No offence, I'm just trying to help you. :)


Haha, well, maybe? ^^


Hello there and thank you for the warm welcoming. :)
Very cool. B|
I have a few questions:
Does the word “Nick” actually refers to the 90s Nickelodeon TV station and what did you mean by bumber?
I have never heard about "X-Tra Dimension" before, sorry. ^^
Maybe you would like to show or even tell me a little bit about that game?
Thank you very much again, and it’s also nice to meet you, too! :)


I hope that I don’t sound too sassy or something like that.
If this should ever occur, then please tell me. I want to be polite.

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@SallyAcornLover The 90s Nick thing is related to Nickelodeon, and it's bumpers are those little commercials self promoting the channel in a variety of ways. I just happen to be an expert on those, even going as far as creating a bit of my own about a year ago...


If you wanna know more about X-Tra Dimension, the biggest topic's right here: 


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On 3/12/2017 at 8:33 AM, SallyAcornLover said:

@Prince By-Tor

I believe that we can learn a lot from each other. :)
You German and me English.

Not exactly sure, which words you tried to translate, but I guess you meant something like this:
“A little bit of the language. Mostly through German music.”
Maybe you could write the sentences in English, so I could translate and write them for you? :)
No offence, I'm just trying to help you. :)


It's appreciated; All the German I know is self-taught; I mostly know German from music from that country: Karussell, PUHDYS, Joachim Witt, Nena, City, Wolfsheim, Oomph!, Stahlhammer, etc....

I know a lot of the words, but I use the syntax/word order of North American English, so it probably sounds horrid. :D

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Syntax in languages can be tricky. I'm still trying to learn Muskogee and Cherokee more properly, but am entirely self-taught so far. The good thing about Muskogee is that it's a flexible language, allowing for multiple ways to say the same thing. If you can't find the proper word for something, it's fine to describe it. As I understand it, Cherokee is a bit less forgiving. But, it's good to have goals for one's self. Otherwise, we would become stagnant. Vlad's last name of "Yvhv" (pronounced "yaw-haw") means "Wolf" in Muskogee, should anyone be interested, or have forgotten how to pronounce it.

Tangents aside, I wish everyone all the best in learning to communicate in a way so's to not confuse eachother.

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14 hours ago, Ishapar said:

Man, all this talk of languages makes me miss linguistics class!  It would be neat to try to work on learning a new language with you guys here on Scribes.

The most important phrase I'll ever know in Spanish: "No hablo espan~ol".

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Sorry for my late replies.
I was very busy in reallife.

@ Rick Tyger

Thanks for the hint. :)

@ jcbluejr01

Thanks for the information. :)

@ Prince By-Tor

Very good to know, Bro. :)
Well, I had English as a subject in school since my 5th grade in school since the late nineties. ^^
So, I learned all the main-basics, but most of my words I learned on my own also through different kind of ways like from music, for example translating lyrics from my favorite bands into German and the other way around. :D
Videogames also helped me in my early days as a little child.
“Press Start Button” was one of the first and easiest sentences, which I could remember very good then. :D
Also movies and some series as well.
Anyways, many English words came into the German language as very fitting additions.
Blue Jeans for example, almost nobody says Blaue Baumwollhose around here, they use the English words instead in general, which also sounds much cooler and much better.
In addition, everybody says Rock-Musik or Rock-Music, when it comes to music, not Felsen-Musik. :D

Speaking of this topic:... I see that you like Rock-Music as well. ^^ Me among others too. :)
I’m glad that you mentioned Oomph! instead of Rammstein, because Rammstein is very overrated in my opinion.
Oomph! have at least a few decent songs which I also enjoy to listen to.
I like Nena as well. :) When it coems to german speaking music, I can recommend you highly Christina Stürmer. She makes Pop-Rock.
I try to use the words and syntax right in the American and British English. :)
I know that at the beginning I made many mistakes, but I believe that my English improved much better nowadays through all these years.

@ Rick Tyger

So you’re learning the old native American languages? That’s really cool, Bro! :)

@ Ishapar

Sure, just let me know which German words you wanna learn. :)

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1 hour ago, SallyAcornLover said:

@ Rick Tyger

So you’re learning the old native American languages? That’s really cool, Bro! :)

Mvto (pronounced "mah-toe"). That conveys a heart-felt "thank-you" in Muskogee, as in if someone gives you an unexpected gift, or a nice compliment. It's literal meaning is "All is well with the Muskogee".

And yes, I'm learning Muskogee and Cherokee, because those are what make up my DNA. It helps to feel a connection with my ancestors.

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  • 3 weeks later...

You are very welcome. :)
Yes, I can imagine.
Thank God that I had the opportunity to begin learning English in my early years as a Teenager back in the late 90's.
I am so happy about that, because otherwise I could not have any chance nowadays to communicate with you, which would be very boring and one-sided.

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