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I noticed that there wasn't a thread for motor sports games, so here's one.

I was thinking about it because I got chosen to be a closed beta tester for Gran Turismo Sport. So far so good for the game; I'm not completely sold yet seeing as how it seems like a stripped down version of a proper release, but they have my attention now.

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So apparently to the creator of F-Zero, and Nintendo, they don’t see anything new for the franchise. This famous series has been on a long sabbatical, and it’s main character has been relegated to punching in Smash more than racing. Do you think he is wrong? What are new things that could be done with the famous thousand-kilo, gravity-bending sci-fi racer? And should a franchise have to necessarily radically innovate on game mechanics constantly rather than just expanding on graphics, vehicles, ect? After all, the last one we were playing was on a CRTV...could use at least an HD remix with fully fleshed modern CGI FMV campaign-stories. To fans, F-Zero is more than a tech demo, it had a story, a lore, and world with characters fans want to enjoy again. Is Nintendo missing something here?

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I'd strongly disagree with that, there's a TON that could be done for the F-Zero Series and we so need a new entry. Heck I'd like to see a collection of F-Zero X DD and F-Zero GX & AX so they can gauge interest back in the series, or at least so they can see that there IS interest in the series. It should and needs to come back, regarding the absolutely insane storyline of F-Zero (as little as there is) you have more than enough ground to cover. That's not to say I don't like Mario Kart, but really that series needs a break and have F-Zero make a comeback. Heck regarding the world of F-Zero we have Clones, Black Magic, Eldrich so-called "creators" of the universe, and Time Travel. All of that alone is in the back story of several racers in the game. With the popularity of Captain Falcon in Smash you already got more than enough to have a massive comeback and I'd hope they finally do so.

On a side note, while there are a lot of series that have been dormant for so long (most infamously Sega), Nintendo is also guilty of this for as many entries in series they keep alive there are just as many that fell to the wayside like F-Zero and Star Fox.

Back on track of Racing Games, I'd like to share one that was prominent in my childhood as one of the first bunch of games I ever played. This is my first Racing Game, Super Monaco GP.


I'm gonna save space here and just have the link to the version of it I played it on, being in a Sega CD Complation with four other games I grew up with on my own personal Genesis (The Sega CDX). It's an F1 Racer where you try to race in the Monaco GP, a very famous Grand Prix. I don't know much about racing in real life, but this game peppered me with an affinity to Racing Games such as F-Zero from that day on. Granted as a kid I was not good at all, but still it was really fun. Love the tracks you here along with the sound design and first person view while you race, really gives you the feel of being an F1 Racer despite it being a 2D game. It's actually a port of the arcade version, but it had it's own carrier mode over the Arcade Version, thus giving you far more to work with. It may not look impressive to those who play say the latest Grand Turismo and other Sim Racing games but it's the first one I ever played and it still is a really good game.

There is one other F1 Sim Racing game I'd like to talk about, a rather obscure one that is really good with an incredible soundtrack called Overtake. It's for the Sharp X68000 so bust out an emulator for it as unless you live in Japan or import it for who knows how much it'll be the only way for you to play it.

It's also got an incredible intro, one of the best I've ever seen in a racing game! Seriously though the soundtrack is amazing for this little known gem of a racer. I mean there are other incredible soundtracks for other games in the genre but it still stand out to me. I'll leave a link down below.

I've got a few choice stories of racing games, not to mention some F-Zero X Stories I'll have to share later. Needless to say I still haven't driven @TheRedStranger off the road yet, but I will... 😈


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