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Before Sonic, this was my favourite game series... though technically I only knew it through the anime and the toys, and the first game I got was Ruby, the fourth game I got the GBA (Sonic Advance 3 being my second).


I'm still rather invested in it, I mostly hang around on the Nuzlocke Forums, and recently ran a mostly experimental group-Nuzlocke with Wulfsbane and Mr Nemesis. We weren't that successful, and it petered out rather quickly, but it did teach me some important things for running such an event, as well as netting me a deathless run of White version, so that's all good. However, that's a topic for the group gaming section, and only if there's enough interest.


For now, favourite generation, starters, etc.


Favourite Generation: Gen IV- What got me back into Pokemon after a dry spell. 

Favourite Game: Platinum- I honestly think this is the best Pokemon game in terms of difficulty curve, Pokemon selection, environments, etc.

Favourite Rival: Wally. He was a joke in RSE. In ORAS? His Gallade curbstomped by Mega Sceptile and my Primal Kyogre. I was not underlevelled.

Favourite Gym Leader: Norman. Pokemon is a coming-of-age story at core, with a lowly child from a sleepy backwater rising through the region to become the strongest trainer in the land, and in Gen III-onwards, save the world along the way. And what better element could there be than battling your own father. And Norman doesn't go down easy, either, which is perfect, that's exactly what I want out of a fight like this. When I first played Ruby, watching his last Slaking fall to my Sceptile felt like the single greatest achievement ever. And bear in mind, this was within an hour of beating Flannery with just Sceptile, because I was a stupid kid and didn't using anything but him.

Favourite Professor: Rowan. The manliest thing to ever exist in Pokemon.

Favourite Champion: Cynthia. Platinum was the first game where I had a balanced team. Cynthia still almost kicked my ass, bringing me down to my last mon, a Giratina. She also engages in the story, has a personality beyond "I a stronk and nice to Pokemans, now we must fight!",and has a bunch of my favourites on her team.

Favourite Villain: Cyrus. I wanted to put N here, but he's not really a villain per se... In fact, the game outright calls him a hero, and says that,even though he was misguided, he still had a genuine connection with Reshiram/Zekrom. So I went with the omnicidal maniac. Because as things go, that's pretty tough to beat.

Favourite Starters

Gen I: Venusaur. Statistically the best starter for the region it's in. Has favourable matchups against 6/8 Gym Leaders, the villain, and doesn't fair too badly against the E4.

Gen II: Feraligatr. Gyarados without the 4x weakness, greatly useful for traversing the game world, and very quick to obtain.

Gen III: I love all three of them equally. All of them were in my first champion team, and I can't choose between them.

Gen IV: Infernape. One of the first viable starters in competitive, this thing gelled perfectly with my "Hit them hard and think later" playstyle that I had at the time. Also, has a great design.

Gen V: Serperior. Underpowered for no real reason (Biggest Starter, can't learn Earthquake, no Poison typing, etc), but has a great design and served me well in Gen V.

Gen VI: Braixen. Not Delphox because I didn't evolve mine past form two. 

Gen VII: Rowlet ATM, may change with the reveal of the final forms.


Favourite Eeveelution: Vaporeon. While I prefer Espeon and Leafeon's designs and movepool, Vaporeon is the one I find slotting most easily into my team, and the most useful there once there.

Favourite Legendary: Mew. It learns all the TMs and tutors. I taught mine Steel Wing.

Favourite Pseudo-Legendary: Garchomp. Because it's brutally OP and it has an awesome design.

Favourite overall Pokemon: Gardevoir. Has an excellent movepool, good stats, a silly-looking but scarily powerful Mega, and a design that mixes ethereal, elegant, and somewhat unsettling into one package.


Least favourite Generation: Gen I. One of those times you should definitely play the remake instead.

Least favourite game: X/Y. So very bland, with poor pacing and storytelling next to Gen V, and far too many obnoxious "BESTEST BUDDEHS" characters.

Least favourite Rival: Hugh. BW2 felt like it was supposed to be his story, but due to the game's need for the hero to be a characterless cipher, the story ended up being dominated by your rival screaming about Purrloins and unleashing rage. Added, he forced an assload of tag battles on you and got my Serperior killed in a NUzlocke.

Least favourite Professor: Cedric Juniper. Originally intended to be the professor for Gen V, when they came up with Aurea Juniper, they kept him in as her father. He contribute little, giving you Pokedex upgrades that you could've easily gotten from the real professor, and otherwise be an additional speaker that makes the abundance of cutcenes around Mistralton-Opelucid even slower while contributing nothing.

Least favourite Gym Leader: Ramos. I legit forgot all about this guy after beating Y. 

Least favourite Champion: Diantha: The most forgettable champion ever, she contributes nothing to the plot, a major step back from every other champion ever.

Least favourite villain: Lysandre. Bad writing is probably the only thing you can get when the "two games for the price of one" model means that the majority of his lines have to fit both him wanting to make himself and his minions immortal (X) and him wanting to kill everyone except himself and his allies (Y) without any overlap.He rambles about beauty, but is pathetically easy to beat, especially in X.


Least favourite starters:

Gen I: Charizard: Honestly not a bad Pokemon, and I don't dislike it, but it's not as useful as its brethren, and is seriously overhyped.

Gen II: Meganium: Again, a good Pokemon, but it just doesn't suit my playstyle.

Gen III: N/A, see above.

Gen IV: Torterra. Ice moves for days combined with low speed aren't my cup of tea.

Gen V: Self-cooking bacon. Third Fire/Fighting in a row and the least useful of all of them, and the worst design.

Gen VI: Greninja. Majorly overhyped and given a broken ability and huge amounts of spotlight in the anime to justify it being picked for Smash before GF even started development on Gen VI.

Gen VII: Popplio. A mediocre Oshawott rehash with a clown look? Nope.


Overall least favourite Pokemon: Stunfisk. Just... just look at it. You can probably tell that I'm not one to ironically "Like" something stupid because the majorty are saying it's stupid.

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Nice, always love a Pokemon game. Except Gen 4. Sorry to everyone who likes it, but it's too slow for my liking.

My favorite Generation is Gen 2, primarily because of it's amazing soundtrack, great new Pokemon designs, and how much new things it did while still staying similar to Gen 1's roots. 

My favorite Pokemon is Banette. It's not the best Pokemon, though I think it's Mega Evolution is the strongest non-legendary Ghost Type, but I love both its normal design and Mega design and I find it sympathetic because of it's PokeDex entry. (It's the vengeful spirit of a  stuffed doll thrown away by its owner)

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I filled it in as well.

Favourite Generation: Gen IV. It balanced out gameplay much more then every other game (especially with the physical/special move split) and remakes of my most favorite childhood games, I definately pick this one. 


Favourite Game: Heartgold and Soulsilver. The original games were my biggest childhood joy and these are excellent remakes. Both the nostalgic and the technical go hand in hand real well.


Favourite Rival: I’ll go for Wally. Rivals often go a long way. But none have come as far as Wally. He started as a sick, meek child, but he grows stronger, healthier and more confident over the course of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. Near his final battle, the setup was so amazing and he upped the challenge from the original RSE games that it was a shock, but a good one. An inspiration and representation of what it meant to get get stronger.


Favourite Gym Leader: Flannery. She’s hot. In all meanings of the words. But she is also quite adorkable when she tries to sound tough when you first fight her, only to drop the pretence once she’s beaten.


Favourite Professor: Rowan. He is one of the few professors we ever see take on the evil team. He was probably quite the champion in his day.


Favourite Champion: Cynthia. This champion was actively helping you, but was subtle to go about it. She put a small trails of breadcrumbs and learns you enough so that you can grow strong on your own. She could have easily saved the day itself, but it’s like she knew it wasn’t her place. She also gives a Togepi, and she is the most powerful and most balanced champion in terms of Pokemon teams, in every of the games she appears in. And it is no cheap difficulty, it feels fair because she is a big champ after all.


Favourite Villain: Cyrus. He is totally nihilistic, sees no value in emotions, comradery or the simple joys of life. He grew up very secluded and wasn’t very social. But he may not be totally bad if he has a Crobat of all Pokemon. In the end, he is a man who lost his way, and was never able to find his way back from the dark. But he was a brilliant man, but his existence is all the sadder knowing he could at one point have been a better man.


Gen I: Blastoise. Most balanced of the starters, is a freakin’ turtle with cannons on his back and my first ever starter. It is powerful, and can learn quite a few impressive attacks like Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Surf and Earthquake. His Mega Evolution is also a bigger tank then he already was.


Gen II: Feraligatr. Like Blastoise, pure power and can learn much good moves. Also it never has failed me before after my countless Johto games.


Gen III: Blaziken. They made a chicken badass. Fire chicken warrior people! Look at it! How can you not think it’s awesome?


Gen IV: Infernape. Like Blaziken, maybe even more powerful, but still a kickass warrior of flames that the starters have provided us with. It hits hard and strong and it learns quite some powerful moves.


Gen V: Serperior. One of the better grass types, which I don’t normally like using. It is fast and strong, and learns some really awesome moves like Leaf Blade, Toxic and Leech Seed.


Gen VI: Delphox. Psychic fox wizard. It also learns so much awesome moves like Flamethrower, Psychic and Shadow Ball. Oh yeah, me likey!


Gen VII: Right now it’s Litten. Because I feel that this kitten will become a badass fire tiger thing of sorts. I just know and I like tigers!


Favourite Eeveelution: Glaceon. One of the better ice types and one of the most beautiful Pokemon. Ice types may not be the strongest, but Glaceon at least holds its own nicely.


Favourite Legendary: Giratina. Ghost dragon basilisk who lives in a distorted world that may as well be hell. Freakin’ badass!


Favourite Pseudo-Legendary: Garchomp. Land shark dragon. End of discussion.


Favourite overall Pokemon: Togekiss. Bulky, cute, elegant and versatile all at once, Togekiss is the total package. I always get a Togepi on my Johto games and when I fully evolve it it is a beast. Even before it became a fairy and a dragon’s worst nightmare.


Least favourite Generation: Gen I. Guys, we know that this is where it all started and we should be grateful for setting the standards. But being the first one means it had a lot to be improved on, and you cannot deny that. It hasn’t aged well compared to later entries. We can be proud for what they meant, but let’s not pretend they are the only or the best games. 


Least favourite game: Diamond and Pearl. If you play these after Platinum, you know how big of a step down it is. Gen IV is my favorite, but only because Platinum, who adds more challenge and a bigger roster and the GS remakes make up for it.


Least favourite Professor: Cedric Juniper. I don’t know if I should have counted but really, I almost have forgotten completely about him because he plays such a little role in the games.


Least favourite Gym Leader: Ramos. The most forgettable gym leader ever. He has nothing going for him to make him memorable. 


Least favourite Champion: Diantha. For a champion she doesn’t seem to do much and neither is she as powerful as other champions. Cynthia could curbstomp her without a mega stone herself.


Least favourite villain: Team Flare. They were not threatening, not charming and bland. The scientists had no personality unlike previously established admins and while I like Lysander, he is not a strong foe so he can’t save the team as a whole.


Least favourite starters:


Gen I: Charizard. He is a good Pokemon for sure but let’s agree, he is overrated.


Gen II: Meganium. It’s a good pokemon and I really like it but it doesn’t hold up as good as the other two.


Gen III: I can’t pick a bad starter because they are not. I don’t think I can put Sceptile or Swampert here because they don’t deserve it.


Gen IV: Torterra. Looks awesome, but its too slow and too weak to ice to be useful to me.


Gen V: Emboar. I don’t dislike it as much as other people do, but its not as powerful as previous fire/fighting starters and it pales as a result. It also doesn’t suit my playstyle.


Gen VI: I can’t form an opinion. I only used Chesnaught and Delphox and have never used a Greninja before…But I can’t put Chesnaught on here because I like it even if not as much as Delphox and I can’t judge a Pokemon I never used. So no one.


Gen VII: Popplio. It looks just too silly for my taste, and looks like a bad Oshawott rehash.


Least favorite Pokemon overall: Its design sucks, its name sucks, it was a waste of giving Lickitung back some relevance but most frustrating this retarded looking thing actually is powerful, which frustrates me even more.


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Favorite Generation: Gen III. Loved Hoenn

Favorite Game: HG/SS. It was absolutely flawless

Favorite Rival: Gary. He was always a step ahead of you.

Favorite Gym Leader: Claire. I kinda find it funny how you beat her powered up Dragon and then she flips out and kind adeies you the badge until you fetch something. But it gives you a good opportunity to get a Dragon Pokemon. Him and Crasher Wake

Favorite Professor: Rowan. No nonsense

Favorite Champion: N, technically he is a Champion but it's more or less a "Wait, really" moment

Favorite Villain: Cyrus, cause he kinda wanted to destroy the world by making a new dimension

Favorite Starters

Gen I: Venusaur.

Gen II: Meganium

Gen III: Secptile

Gen IV: Torterra, notice the pattern yet

Gen V: Serperior.

Gen VI: Chesnaught

Gen VII: Not applicable yet


Favorite Eeveelution: Espeon

Favorite Legendary: As a kid I liked Celebi. Now I like Rayquaza. Though Shaymin is cool too

Favorite Pseudo-Legendary: Salamance

Favorite overall Pokemon: Luxray.


Least favorite Generation: V. Only because it's hard to say one

Least favorite game: Black/White. Wasnt a big fan of the "only can get new pokemon" idea

Least favorite Rival: Hugh. Definition of Angst in pokemon

Least favorite Professor: Birch. He was only really there for the first 10 minutes then you were on your own

Least favorite Gym Leader: Moriarty (Ghost Guy gen 2) The only moves he used was Spite and Curse. Maybe Confuse Ray

Least favorite Champion: Diantha

Least favorite villain: Lysandre. There's no need to cause mass murder cause you're angry at yourself.


Least favorite starters:

Gen I: Charizard: Too hyped

Gen II: Felagator but it's cause I had to pick one. I kinda liked all of them

Gen III: Blazakin. Too OP

Gen IV: Infernape. Boring Fire/Fighting

Gen V: Self-cooking bacon. Same above

Gen VI: Greninja. Only because how he's treated as like the greatest thing. Love the design but its the other that hurt him

Gen VII: Popplio. Too clownish. May change later on


Overall least favourite Pokemon: The one that looks like a set of Keys.

Pokemon that deserves a type change: Dunsparce. Just give it the fairy typing already.

Pokemon that deserves a Mega: Eevee. Hear me out- Instead of getting a Normal Evolution it should get a Mega Evolution that kinda gives it a bit of the others abilities 

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I suppose I should fill out the whole board, actually.


Favorite Generation: Gen 2. A perfect blending of new and old.

Favorite Game: SoulSilver. A perfected version of Gen 2.

Favorite Rival: Silver. Aside from some of the later rivals, he was the first to get real character development as her grew from a heartless asshole to someone who could geunienly care for his Pokemon.

Favorite Gym Leader: Flannery. Her design is the one that sticks out the most, and her ORAS personality is cute.

Favorite Professor: Juniper. The professors have never been very interesting to me. I just like her design best because she's the only girl pf them all.

Favorite Champion: Steven. The first champion I ever fought and beat. It was a geunine twist for me when he was revealed to be the Champion, and he got more interesting in OR/AS.

Favorite Villian: Archie and Maxie, because it was interesting to have different main villians in each version.


Favorite Starters:

Gen 1: Charizard, because I find him the most useful in gameplay.

Gen 2: Typhlosion, because he looks cool.

Gen 3: Sceptile, I used to dislike his design, but it grew on me. Overall, the Gen 3 starters sren't that cool for me.

Gen 4: None. I'll explain later.

Gen 5: Samurott, again because he looks cool.

Gen 6: Braixen. I don't really like Delphox, it's too much for me. If we're going for fully evolved, Greninja.

Gen 7: Litten. Cats are my favorite animal, and I love nearly all the Cat Pokemon designs.


Favorite Eeveelution: Sylveon, because of the mystery surrounding it when it was announced and for introudcing me to how broken Fairy Pokemon were in my playthrough.

Favorite Legendary: Mewtwo. This is the Pokemon thay introduced me to Pokemon, through The First Movie. It was my dream as a kid to catch one in LeafGreen and SoulSilver and to unlock him in Smash Bros Melee because he's so badass.

Favorite Pseudo-Lgendary: Goodra. It's just cute. I'm not into most Pseudo Legendaries. 

Favorite Overall Pokemon: Banette. Mainly thanks to it's Pokedex entry, stating that it's a living doll, with a grudge against the child who disposed of it. I had lots of stuffed toys as a kid and I sympathize with it because of that. Plus, it's Mega Evolution is kickass, despite being one of the worst stat wise.


Least Favorite Generation: Gen 4. Most of the Pokemon designs are awful, and the gameplay is unbearably slow.

Least Favorite Game: Pearl. It turned me off from Gen 4.

Least Favorite Rival: Brendan/May. No personality whatsoever, just blandness.

Least Favorite Professor: Elm. I just never really was a fan of him for some reason.

Least Favorite Gym Leader: Brawly. I was stuck on this guy for the longest time and hated fighting his Pokemon, and he was only the second Gym Leader in that Gen.

Least Favorite Champion: Diantha, even though I don't hate her.

Least Favorite Villain: Lysandre. Poor writing.


Least Favorite Starters:

Gen 1: Venasaur, only because I don't like him quite as much as the other two.

Gen 2: Meganium. Uselss.

Gen 3: Blazekin. Overrated as hell.

Gen 4: All of them. I hate most of the Gen 4 designs.

Gen 5: Self Cooking Bacon for everyone!!!

Gen 6: Chesnaught, but not by much. He's still really cool.

Gen 7: Popplio, again, not by much. He's still cute.


Overall least favorite Pokemon: Unown. The movies hyped it up to be w fucking amazing Pokemon and when I caught it, it was worthless.

Pokemon that deserves a type change: I dunno. I guess I want Jigglypuff to be fully Fairy?

Pokemon that deserves a Mega Evolution: Raichu. Pikachu is great and all, but his popularity has made Raichu woefully underrated. Raichu needs to be put in the spolight for once.

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58 minutes ago, Arekkisu said:

Favorite Pseudo-Legendary: Lucario

Lucario's not a Pseudo. A Pseudo is a name given to a set of three-stage Pokemon, which all have the same BST, and evolve at very high levels. They are Dragonite, Tyranitar, Metagross, Salamence, Garchomp, Hydreigon, and Goodra.

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Actually....I had a change of heart in regards to a few of the choices I originally put.  Such as...

NEW MOST OVERRATED PSYCHIC TYPE - HOOPA:  I thought this thing was going to be OP since it can learn three moves each of which has the ability to bypass Detect/Protect.  But then I saw how frail it was, so its utility with those didn't work as well.

NEW MOST UNDERRATED FAIRY TYPE - SLURPUFF:  Playing with this one a bit, I'm surprised that this thing could be a potential tank!  It has decent DEF and HP, and its ATT and SP.ATT stats can allow it to land a good hit as well.

So, the list is still evolving a bit.  BTW, I don't blame you for wanting Spark over Thunder Fang.  As you saw with the Dragon type, a similar situation occurred in regards to choosing power over usability.  (Outrage vs. Dragon Claw and Dragon Pulse vs. Draco Meteor)

BTW...Nintendo Treehouse is currently showing Sun/Moon gameplay.  GO NOW!!

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UPDATE!  (Where the drek is the edit button to edit posts?)


Yungoos - Mongoose Pokémon, appears to be Normal type and looks HILARIOUS with that toothy grin!
Pikipek - Woodpecker Pokémon, this was the bird Pokémon shown in the initial sketches being developed, looks like it evolves twice

ALSO:  You can see what EVs you get in battle now!

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It's working for me now and...

Already Lv7 and REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALY close to Lv8.  Also managed to claim a Gym near my home.  Which two other peeps from the same team as me added their Pokémon to as well.  So...

FOUNTAIN GYM:  GamemasterAnth's Pidgeot (CP400), Faulkner8's Electabuzz (CP321), and TCMVP6's Raticate (CP230)


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Okay so I have no real list of favorites and least favorites, considering I dropped the series after Gen II though I kept a few tabs on what has gone on since then, I would like to get back into the series though and finally beat any of the Pokemon Games. Yes I never beat any of them, I have this curse with RPGs and never getting them finished, usually due to corrupt save files back when I was a kid.

But with Gen I on 3DS I've wanted to and slowly gotten back into it, and with those very interesting Twitch Plays Pokemon Hacks that have been on that channel it's gotten me interested again. I have no qualms or bias against Gen III - VII mind you, I just fell out of it after Gen II. I mean they all looks like really good games but up until somewhat recently they are no major changes to the series story wise, it's the little things that get me, like not having that many Antagonistic Rivals like Blue.Gary or Silver anymore that push you to wanting to best them, granted Gen V did rectify most of this but still. Also I miss the Stadium Series most of all, it's those games in Gen I and II that made you feel like it was all building up towards something when you played them, that way once you are ready you can pop in your game and test the might of your Pokemon in 3D and compete in several big Pokemon Leagues, not to mention the Gym Leader Towers, and those Final Battles with Mewtwo and Silver. I'd love to have those games re-released on say the Wii U and connect the 3DS to Gen I and II, party like it's 1999/2000! While the Gamecube looked like it had some good Pokemon Games we never got Stadium 3 other then Battle Revolution, which wasn't really the same and didn't have that personal connection with no Gym Leader Towers or extra content, yeah you had Coliseum Leaders which is good as the last foes in the Cups in Stadium was pretty much the same, but that wasn't enough for me when I looked it up to get back in there 10 years ago either.

With Pokemon since Gen VI being in 3D, and the addition of Pokemon Bank which will have Gen I 3DS Pokemon being able to be stored and transferred over to Gen VII, I'd say it's time for a proper Stadium 3 and re-releases of 1 and 2, Maybe even Gen III - V for the 3DS, that way we can all go against each other in the ultimate test to see whose the very best like no one ever was, to me Pokemon Stadium is that ultimate test, and without it Pokemon is missing something to me, that and we need Pokemon Games with better stories too that aren't just "Collect them all new kid!". XP

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Well man it has been a long time since FireRed and LeafGreen, interest in Pokemon HAS sparked up again mainly due to Gen 1 Pokemon which are the most memorable ones, arguably you can also say the same thing for Gen 2.

With all these basis from various mythology and stuff it's not hard to imagine this as possible, the guy has me convinced anyway. Besides it wouldn't be ending the series it would be bringing it back to it's roots and redo some things they might not have been satisfied with, I mean I would welcome a major change up if it isn't already happening as we speak. That and rebooting everything can refresh the series, bring in new or more refined gameplay, fan favorite pokemon with new forms or just new pokemon and such, just a whole bunch of possibilities really. Honestly I'd rather have a list of commands and attacks then just 4 moves per Pokemon, I think kids can handle that. XP

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1 hour ago, Mike Arcade said:

With all these basis from various mythology and stuff it's not hard to imagine this as possible, the guy has me convinced anyway. Besides it wouldn't be ending the series it would be bringing it back to it's roots and redo some things they might not have been satisfied with, I mean I would welcome a major change up if it isn't already happening as we speak. That and rebooting everything can refresh the series, bring in new or more refined gameplay, fan favorite pokemon with new forms or just new pokemon and such, just a whole bunch of possibilities really. Honestly I'd rather have a list of commands and attacks then just 4 moves per Pokemon, I think kids can handle that. XP

Which depends on if Nintendo is truly capable (or rather, willing) to do so. Nintendo's attitude to change is frankly all over the place.

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You know, I've noticed I've never done the list for this thread, even though I like Pokemon. So I might as well.

Disclaimer: I stopped playing Pokemon after Black and White and haven't really gotten back into them since. I've been planning to get X or Y for a while now, BUT DS and 3DS games are stupidly expensive and never depreciate in value (hell, second hand copies of SoulSilver and HeartGold for for £60. That's more than a console game on retail release (£50)). This means that my pool of PokeKnowledge is...limited. 

Favourite Generation: Gen III. Gave me my favourite Pokemon game, remakes of Red and Blue/Green and basically introduced me to Pokemon. 

Favourite Game: Pokemon Emerald (and Ruby and Sapphire). Not my first Pokemon game, but frankly it had the best Pokemon designs, the best and most memorable layout, the best music and a balanced difficulty curve. Nothing about it really fails to make it worth the time spent on it. Apart from the Battle Frontier. Total waste of f*cking time, that is.

Favourite Rival: N/A

Favourite Gym Leader: Flannery. For...obvious reasons.

Favourite Professor: Again, N/A. I don't pay the professors much attention.

Favourite Champion: Probably Wallace. Partly because I didn't get very far when I tried Diamond and Pearl, I don't have the same opinion about resident PokeWaifu Cynthia as everyone else does. Besides, Wallace is actually a decent challenge as far as I'm concerned.

Favourite Villain: Again, N/A

Favourite Starters
Gen I:
Blastoise. Because it's a giant tortoise with two massive water cannons (which, if Vsauce3 is to be any indication, are powerful enough to blast a hole clean through you). I named mine Shellshock, after the one seen in the first Pokemon movie.

Gen II: At a pinch, Typhlosion, if only for the best design. I honestly don't give Gen II much thought and I'm still trying to get my hands on a copy of the remakes.

Gen III: Swampert. In a game with a lot of water, it would only make sense to start with a Pokemon who can surf the endless seas the moment you get the HM. Even though I eventually gave that task to my Pelipper. I named mine Dolan...for some reason.

Gen IV: N/A. I picked Turtwig when I played those games, though. He was...alright.

Gen V: Again, N/A. The designs for Pokemon REALLY started to suffer here.

Gen VI: Guess. Though that's more down to me not playing X and Y yet. With a general glance, though, I'd probably go for Delphox. Mainly because its type-setup is interesting, to say the least.

Gen VII: At the moment it's Litten. Because...well, Edgy Shadow Cat that spits flame. Thought that might change if Poppolio's final evolution is what that one leak said it'd be.
Favourite Eeveelution: Again, I don't really use Eevee. Hard to find. But at a pinch I'd probably go Flareon.

Favourite Legendary: Rayquaza. Awesome design, powerful moves, can catch it in Emerald just before Victory Road (and is several levels above what your other Pokemon will be. Master Ball FTW) and it's Mega Evolution is just hilariously broken.

Favourite Pseudo-Legendary: Uh...Garchomp...I think.

Favourite overall Pokemon: Gardevoir. Wonderful design, heartwarming characteristics and incredibly powerful to boot. And apparently its Fairy-type revision is even stronger.

Least favourite Generation: Gen I. The phrase "hasn't aged well" encapsulates no better games than Red and Blue. Lacking in features, poorly presented, a lack of clear direction for anything and just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO slow! 

Least favourite game: Diamond and Pearl. It was around these games that the franchise got a whole lot blander, with uninspired designs for every single aspect and wholly unremarkable music that had no punch to any of it. Both me and my sister (also a Pokemon fan) agree that these games were where the Pokemon games got pretty boring in terms of designs and general gameplay. Sun and Moon look alright, though. Oh yes, and Pokemon GO deserves a mention, though frankly I don't really consider that a "true" Pokemon game.

Least favourite Rival: Silver. Every single word that comes out of this guy's mouth is nothing but insults and self-aggrandising ego-boost statements. As well as being a tacked on and anvilicious message of "You should enjoy Pokemon for the Pokemon, not for their raw numbers and stats" (a message entirely lost on the competitive Pokemon community), he's just a bore to fight, an annoyance to listen to and a completely "edgelord"-y twonk throughout the entire thing. He just keeps calling you "weak" and "pathetic" even after you've steamrolled his team into the ground for the fifth time.

Least favourite Professor: I'd say Birch. Talk about a man of inaction.

Least favourite Gym Leader: Whitney. Incredibly unimpressive line-up of Pokemon, acts like a brat when you fight her, and throws a tantrum when you win. How did this...THING become a Pokemon gym leader?!

Least favourite Champion: Alder. I said I never beat Black and White, which is true. But I DID look up the final boss to see just what I was missing from giving up. And I almost instantly forgot he was even a thing the moment I did something else. Heck, most of the Champions I have a tough time remembering for whatever reason. Perhaps most of them are just restricted to "final boss" and are not designed for anything else? I honestly don't know. Also, the levels of his Pokemon when you first fight him seem to be a bit battynuggets.

Least favourite villain: If I'd had played X and Y, it'd probably be that game's villain, but for me it's Giovanni. Does anyone even remember this guy anymore? It was after Gen II that these once-a-gen teams had some actual goals; Team Magma wanted to protect the land, Team Aqua wanted to protect the sea, Team Plasma wanted to protect Pokemon (though that was just a ruse - but they made up for it by being a clever stab at PETA) and so on. Team Rocket? They just want to make loadsamoney. It's not that that seems to be flying a tad close to the sun in these modern times of complete publisher avarice, it's more that it's just...boring. They're an unscrupulous business that wants to exploit Pokemon and make money. Which, to be fair, would be exactly what would be created if Pokemon existed in our world.
Least favourite starters:

Gen I: Charizard. For...obvious reasons.

Gen II: Meganium. When playing Pokemon Crystal on my trusty emulator, I looked up the game on TVtropes to see what to look out for. Bear in mind, I was roughly halfway through the game at this point. I had taken Chikorita and was waiting for the one gym where it would really shine. Then I looked on the TVtropes page and found out it has type disadvantages at no less than five gyms, including the very first. The amount of gyms it has an advantage over? Zero.

Gen III: Blaziken, for the same reasons as everyone else; overhyped, Fire/Fighting and I don't think has a great design. It's second-form is just a cock with wings, for Arceus' sake.

Gen IV: Infernape. Another Fire/Fighting, it also has a poor design and isn't very powerful. Then again, neither of the other two are all that impressive either.

Gen V: Emboar, same as everyone else. Utterly useless Pokemon, and another Fire/Fighting.

Gen VI: All of them have pretty weak designs, but Delphox seems sort of cool and Greninja at least stays recognisable via Smash Bros, for better and worse. This, via process of elimination (and a general dislike for its design) leaves Chesnaught as my least favourite.

Gen VII: Rowlett, oddly enough. It's not a bad design, but I just think the other two look better.

Overall least favourite Pokemon: JIGGLYPUFF. Why this big pink ball of wasted air is still popular is beyond my comprehension. The fact it remains in Smash Bros (and is an arse to fight) baffles me. Its main joke is old, its design is weak, its stats are crap and...just, WHY?!

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  • 7 months later...

Now you have to remember, I am a young man. I do not have much nostalgia, and a lot of what I see is cynical at best.

Sonic Mania? As in Generations wasn't desperate enough.

COD: WW2? The damage has been already been done with those stupid supply drops, this won't change anything.

But this?


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On 12/22/2016 at 4:58 PM, Wulfsbane said:

Yup, I aint surprised anymore.

Nintendo is seriously hurting themselves.

Just want to point out, Nintendo has almost nothing to do with development. Pokemon is a second party game franchise created by Game Freak, just exclusively meant for Nintendo devices.

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26 minutes ago, HeartSoul said:

Just want to point out, Nintendo has almost nothing to do with development. Pokemon is a second party game franchise created by Game Freak, just exclusively meant for Nintendo devices.

This was mostly in reference to when they were going after fan made creations. Sadly Game Freak is at the mercy of its publisher because of their second-party position and any slights  on the consumer base by Nintendo sadly affect them by default. Going after your fans is an incredibly unwise move, the wisest choice is to actually hire them like Sega did with the developers of Sonic Mania or at least create a fan-publishing and royalty system like Kindle Worlds authors and Wizard of The Coasts wildly successful DM’s guild. They do all the work making something they love and the IP owner reaps pure profit. Economically it’s brilliant - pure profit with virtually no opportunity cost. So in a way I guess Wulfsbane’s statement does need some correction: This hurts Game Freak too; they are an innocent party that could be negatively affected by the copyright crusades of their upper management. Game Freak will always be able to make games and fans will enjoy both fan works and trendsetting originals and “canon” games. There is no conflict there, they are not threatened by smaller fan teams and their limited capital and niche interests. Nintendo’s meddling with fans own time and resources in making a fangame not even for profit, and manipulating various national legal systems to do so by threats of unaffordable-though-winnable lawsuits, just may as well push them away from traditional brand loyalty and merchandise. 

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At least everything regarding Nintendo closing down fan games has stopped in recent times, and with a new president over at Nintendo who knows maybe such policies are gonna be much more relaxed and there will be better trust built between fans  and Nintendo. After all the fans clearly love their Nintendo games and history, such as this for example.


An old beta demo for Pokemon Gold got data mined showing several different, beta, and unused Pokemon from back in the day. Some of which got used later on actually as well as the beta being much different than the game we got such as the main playable character having a rival being your older brother as well as a much different map screen.

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Not really sure why this hasn't been asked befor but still;

If you could have your own dream team of Pokemon, what would they be and why?

For help, you can use the Pokemon Team Planner.


I've already done so, of course. My team is, of course, a balanced team of my favourites, stats be damned;

  • Gardevoir
  • Raichu
  • Lopunny
  • Salamence
  • Ninetales
  • Vaporeon


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I can't believe this film is actually looking decent. Perhaps for the first time a video game movie will in some way resemble the game it's based on. Woooow. And really, I'm just impressed they managed to find a way to render the Pokemon as close to real life as possible and still make them...look good.

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Honestly, I love the little details that were in the trailers; such as Machamp as a crossing guard, Golurk as a police officer, Mr. Mime being a literally mine, Growlithe acting like dogs, Loudred as a part of a DJ/House show.

I think Greninja, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, & Charizard look the best. I think GameFreak kept an eye on the designs but Warner Brothers did an excellent job. My only complaint is Ludicolo should look more like a Pineapple than a duck.

Also I wish they kept Mewtwo as a twist and not shown in the trailers.

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  • Mike Arcade changed the title to Pokemon & Monster RPGs

Hi everyone, I decided to make this topic a lot more broader by including any time of "Mon" RPGs. While Pokemon will most likely still be a focus, this would save up topic space. So for starters...

Classic Monster Rancher is coming back at the start of December! So if any of you remember this series, feel free to reminiscence about it.

Although if you are emulating it or playing the originals and want some Rare Monsters, here's a way to obtain them!


Have fun!

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So has anyone checked out the latest Generation in Pokemon? Heard good things overall, though I do miss the Mega Forms.

@Wulfsbane Heard you got the Gen 4 Remakes, how have they been so far?

Also, for anyone playing on totally legal means via PC, if you rename a save file for say Pokemon FireRed into LeafGreen, you keep your current progress and all version exclusive Pokemon you catch! So for those wanting to catch Pokemon from one version without using a Rom Hack, there you go!

Can't believe I didn't think of this sooner. XP

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Could have sworn there were a bit more regarding a Silver Lion I kept seeing.

Gotta say, really like the beta for Kingdra. Pre-Evos for Goldeen and Paras are completely unnecessary. All the others I would like to see again some day.

The Tigers and Wolves being cut should be a crime though. XP

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That reminds me of something I read recently...

Lions and Tigers of the "Pokémon" Series [Level Skip]


Since we've previously tackled Pokémon's bears, it's only fitting we cover its lions and tigers (oh my) next. After all, there's something about big cats that radiate both majesty and power. Sure, Pokémon has its smaller felines like Meowth and Glameow, but when you're searching for something as strong as it is cool, these jungle animals are hard to ignore.

Usually Fire or Electric, Pokémon's largest cats often complement their agility with a plethora of offensive powers to quickly overwhelm foes. But with several creatures to browse, which predators reign supreme? Here's a glance at the many Pokémon lions and tigers!

* still thinks Incineroar looks cool ^.^ *

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