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Sonic Music (Official, Fanmade, Covers, Remixes)


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Sonic Music (Official, Fanmade, Covers, Remixes)

I think it would be cool, if we would show different kinds of related Sonic Music with videos.
For example from YouTube, Vimeo, etc., and / or embedded tracks from SoundCloud from different artists.
May it be official, fanmade, covers, or even some remixes.

I would like to beginn with these musicvideos.

LuckySandra1, a very good friend of mine, did this beautiful musicvideo
Sally and Sonic Tribute
Love-Pop-Techno-Version: DJ-Sammy with their song called Heaven

A musicvideo from another friend of mine, Protozet
Sally Acorn Theme – Thank you for being you - Love-Pop-Song sung by Princess Sally Acorn (Kath Soucie)
Sally Acorn sings about her Love towards Sonic

With german lyrics in the subtitles

Fastest Thing Alive (Sonic The Hedgehog SatAM Theme)
The Extreme Unicorns Punk-Rock Cover

Watch, listen, and have fun. ^^
I invite everyone to participate. :)

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On 28.6.2017 at 4:10 PM, TheRedStranger said:

We actually have section for video-based art! Perhaps you would like to invite her. :)

Yes, thank you. :)
I already know about that, but something tells me that not every creator of the upcoming music videos, which I might share with you, would have the time for a fancommunity, no offence.
I just guess that many people are too busy with other things in reallife, that’s why I did a general topic for this. :)
I already asked LuckySandra, but somehow I doubt that she would join; she is also a German Sally Fan & Sonic Fan.

Nice tracks by the way. ^^

Speaking about music:
I love the works of Jonathan Young & Family Jules. :) They are a great duo! :>+<:
Check these great tracks out.

Jonathan Young & Brady Scott - Escape from the City (Sonic Adventure 2 Cover)

Jonathan Young & FamilyJules - "Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2 Cover)


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Some official stuff from the latest & upcoming Sonic games. :)

I really love these Pop Music Soundracks :x and I wish that SEGA would let make somebody an official musicvideo for the music charts for the Park Avenue Theme.
It's one of my favorite tracks and also even with vocals.

Hyper Potions - Time Trials (Sonic Mania Pre-Order Trailer Song)

Sonic Forces OST - Main Theme

Sonic Forces OST - Park Avenue (Custom Character)

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*looks @ topic title*

*sees that it covers remixes*


Old, but good:

Wrapped in Dread ~Wrapped in Black/Burn My Dread Last Battle Reincarnation Remix~

{Edit: video is no longer available? I hate You Tube -.- }

Knight of the Wind/Crisis City ~Modern Remix~

{Same thing...}

Edited by MoKat
You Tube was a butt again
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