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Development History - Sonic Boom

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TSSZ has been chronicling the beginnings of Sonic Boom and how it changed throughout development.

Today, they revealed that Boom was supposed to be Sonic Origins

Here's some of the big notes from the article:

Storyline wise, it revolved about Sonic origins: Sonic and a young Eggman were close friends, but during a time travel sequence Eggman messes with something at the past, breaking their friendship.  Ancients were very important in this storyline, because they were related with Sonic’s origins. Eggman was once planned as a playable character but it was discarded. Tentative title for this was “Sonic Origins”

Storyline wise, they made them discard the Sonic origins storyline as SEGA denied it, due to them planning to tell Sonic origins in the future ( or at least, that is what they told Big Red Button.)

One of their main goals was to create an organic and natural looking environment for Sonic, using handmade textures for a cartoonish look. It was not rejected, but result is poor at the final game because of Wii U’s lower capabilities.

TV show also helped destroy their original idea. A designer pitched Sega the idea of a Sonic Tv Show. It was unrelated to the game, but 8 months before the game launch SEGA gave total control to the show team to change the game, making big changes to the storyline and making Knuckles dumb. They also asked for a richer universe with lots of characters that were totally absent in the series, along with filler cutscenes and levels due to the storyline change. No info on the previous storyline was revealed, except that ancients had a huge importance there.

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Here's Knuckles Apollo Design before taking in Sonic Team's suggestions, Wulfsbane I cannot stress how amazing this find is it's wonderful...yet it's very sad to see how this project ended up.

Seeing how things went for Big Red Button, I feel very sorry for them as this was their first project after many of them separated from Naughty Dog only to get screwed over by Sega and Sonic Team, effectively destroying them as devs resulting in the devs disbanded. This might be one of the worst things Sega and Sonic Team has ever done and on par with what happened with Chris Senn and his team regarding Sonic X-treme, who ironically enough was brought on board to work on the game.

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