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Boost vs Adventure

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It is quite a well done video.

There's always been this contrast between the two styles and yet both combined could make a great game overall if they take that jump. Adventure was both experimental and yet a light tread based on the Classic Games. Regarding graphics and voice acting yeah Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 are dated but regarding how it plays it still feels pretty good.

Regarding Boost game play it feels good in motion, it's only when you stop and try to walk and such without running that you really feel the flaws in the physics of the game play. However it's in motion and on the rails more or less that it's fine. However I don't care too much on how enemies just become minor obstacles due to the power of the Boost Ability. However regarding that it fits the Boost style's more Arcade-like game play. Similar to how you'd play games like  Space Harrier or After Burner. I mean not exactly of course but you see where I'm getting at hear. Of all the complains regarding the Boost I don't think a lot or anyone really identifies that game play as "Arcade" being good in short bursts or in rapid succession. On that alone it succeeds at what it does, however with fans and people calling for more depth in game play while I'm fine with how Modern Sonic has worked so far I do feel that a change will or should happen sometime in the future.

Going back to Sonic Adventure 1/2's game play however isn't exactly a solution either, while it would be fun it would have to be heavily updated. I think a 3D Sonic game that combines all 3 main styles (Classic, Adventure, and Modern) would be an ideal. Fusing together the physics of Classic with it's structure alongside Adventure and Modern could be that sweet spot fans would want in the end. However that may work would be up to capable developers either within or outside of Sega.

There is room for both 2D and 3D Sonic games separately, like how Mega Man had with Legends, Metroid with the Prime Series, and of course Mario with it's own 3D titles.   

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