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Roger Craig Smith has announced he's no longer Sonic's VA

Wonder if Ben Schwartz would be the new VA, but if Sega Sammy is having some financial troubles, he would probably be more expensive than RCS

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Apparently Ryan Drummond and Sega have been in contact to see if Drummon would reprise.

Also Colleen O'Shaugnessey (Tails) & Cindy Robinson (Amy) are also out


HOWEVER, Mike Pollock will return.


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NEWS... sort of.




So by the looks of it we wont be getting any new games in 2021. Trailers are still plausible.


Honestly, given how badly covid had hit Japan, this does not surprise me one bit. I know last year they were supposed to talk about and announce stuff every month but after the first lockdown started that quickly went away. A lot of stuff probably got derailed and some of the developers might not have had the ample infrastructure or support to effectively work from home. Given that Japan is currently on lockdown number 4 a lot of stuff got pushed back even further. Several other major games has been delayed in the past year too because of this, both abroad and domestic. Add to the fact several major anime studios have announced that the next seasons for their shows will likely come out much later than anticipated probably gives credence to this.


Unfortunate, but given the circumstances in the last year plus, it doesn't surprise me. Disappointing but I get it

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