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Nagol joins the Freedom Fighters


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Hello Freedom Fighters, My name is Nagol. *places C4 by your feet* Oh that...That'll come later. Right now I wish to talk to you about what I plan to offer for the forums. I'm a creative writing major so you can expect some stories both involving fan fiction, fantasy, and horror. My favorite series are Sonic the Hedgehog, (duh!) Halo, Aliens, and Deadpool. I love anime and video games and can geek out for hours about both. Another thing I like is explosions. *Violently thrusts detonator in hand placing your thumb over the button* So lets do us both a favor and have a good time. Can you do that for me? Can you have a good time? Can't have a good time without fireworks!  

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Attempting to blow up moderators is against this community's Terms of Use. In the interest of promoting a safe and secure society, you will be placed under surveillance by Her Imperial Majesty Queen Sally's Royal Guard until further notice. Subsequent offenses against the populace are punishable by imprisonment. You have been warned.

Long live the Queen.


Test edit.

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