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Sonic the Hedgehog: Master System and Game Gear (Sonic 8-Bit/Portables: Rise of the Game Gear)

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 The hidden gems of the Classic Era, there are more Game Gear Sonic games during the Classic era than even on the Genesis! Here is the thread to discuss the early years of Sonic taken abroad on the full color and cutting edge portable of the early nineties, the glorious Game Gear. What do you think of the games? Love them? Hate them? Interested in overthinking their lore, analyzing their mechanics, and discussions the business and design history? Here is the place! 

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One thing to note is that a few of them such as Sonic 1, 2, Chaos, Spinball, and Blast were on the Master System as well with better screen resolution (for obvious reasons) and even a few graphical and music changes depending on the game. While I DID have a Game Gear for a short time back in the day I only had a few Game Gear games, those being only a few of the Sonic Games of course, however I really got to play them once Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Mega Collection Plus, and Sonic Gems Collection came out over time. There has been some mixed reception with most of the Game Gear games throughout the years and while I can't speak for them I had a good time with almost all the titles on the Game Gear.

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