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Welcome to The Next Level, Genesis Does what Nintendon't, this topic is for the Sonic games made for Sega's hit console!

The Sega Genesis (also known as the Sega Mega Drive everywhere else) broke the stranglehold Nintendo had internationally over the game market, though while it did well it's thanks to the Blue Blur that made it a true hit.

In here you can talk about all the Sega Genesis games Sonic has had, this also includes Sonic CD as well. So if you want to start discussions about the games that started it all, please do so.

A few days ago, Sonic 2 had it's 27th Anniversary. It's called one of the best Sonic games, even the best Sonic game and Genesis game ever made by many. So, I'd like to ask you that question and hear what you all have to say.

Is Sonic the Hedgehog 2 really the best Sonic game ever made? Is it the best Sonic game ever made for the Genesis?

Let's get this ball rolling. :)

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Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Retrospective (GTV 110 Season 6 Episode 6)


How the most famous hedgehog in the world came to be! (Chapter markers and more below...)

Episode Information
GTV 110 "Run Hedgehog Run!" Season 6 Episode 6
Original Airdate: June 18, 2021
Produced January-March, June 1-16, 2021
Recorded at Butsudan Studios and edited on my 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, which was starting to show signs of age, though rock-solid.
Produced with Final Cut Pro and Photoshop, which my job paid for!

GTV ID: The Most Famous Channel in the World!
Introduction: A Cultural Touchstone of the 1990s
Act 1: Life Before Sonic
CM 1: Sonic's Debut! (Japan, 1991) Sonic is Cool! (U.S., 1991)
Act 2: The Development and Design of Sonic
CM 2: Sega Sonic (Japan, 1991) More for Less (U.S., 1991)
Act 3: Run, Hedgehog, Run!
CM 3: Humans Against Genesis (U.S., 1991) Super Sonic Offer (Australia, 1991)
Act 4: The Legacy of Sonic
CM 4: Sonic +1 Set (Japan, 1992) Sonic is Here (Brazil, 1991) Sonic for Game Gear (U.S., 1991)
Act 5: Sonic's Easter Eggs and Cameos
CM 5: Tiger Electronics Sonic (U.S., 1991) Sonic on Master System (Brazil, 1991)
Conclusion: Sonic is For Everyone

Nice to see this on Odysee ^.^

It's about 1 hour long, but pretty in-depth about how Sonic came about.

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Oh yeah! Because of that deafening GEMS cover of the Sonic 1 Theme, yeah it's kinda funny how the copyright for Sonic 1 and 2's Soundtrack works. Hence why they had completely different composers for Sonic 3 (& Knuckles), only to years later run yet again into another copyright issue regarding those games' soundtracks. XP

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