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So recently I brought myself a small challenge regarding a Rom hack and realized this would be great for topic! This isfor issued challenges among ourselves and others, mainly for fun. So for any Classic Era game if you have a way to playthrough the game and let's see how you stack up!

The challenge that inspired this run is for Sonic 3 Complete, it's something I call the Classic Sonic Run. You see, in the hack you can set it up so that Sonic can play like how he did in Sonic 1/2 and Sonic CD (both Original and 2011 version). Along with that option in the menu are ips patches where you can set up the items to be that of Sonic 1/2, meaning all elemental shields become normal shields from 1/2/CD. This is how I set it up.

       Sonic 3 Complete: Classic Sonic Challenge

  • Use patch for Sonic 1 or 2 Sprites (For Extra Flavor).
  • Use patch for Sonic 1 or 2 Items (They're the same aside for minor visual differences, but change the game due to no elemental protection or free oxygen via Water Shield).
  • Use patch for Sonic 1 or 2 Monitors (For stylistic legitimacy).
  • in Sonic 3 Complete Menu, Use Control Type Sonic 1, 2, CD 1993, or CD 2011 (This means NO Insta-Shield).

I managed to get through the game and got both Chaos and Super Emeralds. It did make the game slightly tougher, especially in later levels, had to be a lot more careful. Do any of you have your own little challenges that you make up or know of? Let us know. :)

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  • Mike Arcade changed the title to The Classic Era: Challenge Thread

So I'm bumping this topic back up to signify this as apart of a new series of topics I'm making called the Challenge Threads. This is for all the Eras of Sonic Games, then on the video game topic as well.

Enjoy everyone! Post your tales of challenges and feats, and if you have screenshots or videos, feel free to post them. :)

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