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Archaeology thread.

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This thread is dedicated to the discussion of newly uncovered discoveries from buried objects and civilizations to shipwrecks as well. To start this thread is a recent discovery of the sunken wreck of the WWI German Armored cruiser, Scharnhorst commanded by Admiral Graf Spee commander of the German East Asian squadron of The German of the High Seas Fleet. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-50670743


The German East Asian squadron was created to guard German colonial interests in the Pacific Ocean from the Chinese port city of Tsingtao (now Qingdao) to the pacific Mariana, Solomon, and Caroline islands and a northeast portion of New Guinea along with commerce raiding French and British ports and sea lanes.

After the lose of Tsingtao to the Japanese, whom were allied to the entente as the Great War began, Graf Spee lead the bulk of his fleet squadron back to Germany and wreck havoc upon the British fleet. Which he did through the Battle of Coronel where his forces suffered only three casualties and inflicted the loss of two British armored cruisers and 1,660 crewmen on November 1, 1914. But on December 8, 1914 at the Falklands while attempting a raid on the British Falkland port of Stanley, the British had sent 2 battlecruisers the HMS Invincible and Inflexible along with five other cruisers which destroyed Graf Spee’s squadron with 1,817 men killed (admiral Graf Spee among them) and 215 men captured. The wreck of the Scharnhorst lies approximately 98 nautical miles (181 km; 113 mi) southeast of Stanley at a depth of 1,610 m (5,280 ft) below the waves. 




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 Interesting news. I wonder if the SJW’s will demand reparations for the Clovis wiping them out, after they demand reparations for the modern era tribes (who took it from each other more than occasionally) after wiping the Clovis out, after they demand reparations from all us modern Americans. He who was truly first gets all the guilt-gold, right? 😝

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