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Being a Better Artist by a Being Better Person: Self-Care & Character Building

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All of us have dreams, many of us have the resources today to fulfill them more than ever in all of human history. The world is not the land of the Ancient Greeks, where only few could have the free time away from the fields to be philosophers and artists. You can fully self-actualize at level never seen before in all of our existence.  There really are no excuses out there, even for the disabled among us. Years of working with special needs persons have show me that. I have seen amputees run the 400, autists grow from barely verbal to able to tell stories and broaden their vocabulary, and seen poor people grow from helpless and homeless to thoughtful performers and writers. There are no excuses more than anytime in human history. Opportunity is everywhere, the only one that can truly deprive you from it - is you...

 This is what this chat is for. It's to discuss how to be a better artist by not just improving your skills as an artist but habits that are perfunctory to producing such skills. It will be followed up by a blog here on the site, written by me. I have a BFA in art with a dual concentration in painting & printing (digital and traditional) and ten years of experience as a mental health worker. My job since I became an adult, and years prior of volunteering, has been that of a Community Living Support worker. In my experience, I have seen art, music, theater, roleplay, and games improve people's personal lives greatly and build their character. Reciprocally, my more 'practical' work such as budgeting, social skill-building, healthy eating, and teaching manual skills has increased their capacity to express and appreciate the humanities on a richer level.  When we are content, we can express and improve our artistic passions more clearly, which in turn edifies towards to more contentment. I am on my way to becoming a licensed therapist, and pursuing a doctorate in psychology. I hope to focus on recreational therapy and study art critically from its potential edifying perspective, not just as an artist myself but as a healer of the mind.

Overall, I will be open with my own artistic journey as I, by nature of my work history and personal interests, have cast a broad net in the art world. I practice music, various art forms, and have even dabbled in performance. I hope to be open and show that this is a learning process, and that we make mistakes and learn together. This is not going to be pretentious sagacious monologue and agenda-screeds like you see on Tumbler, but be more akin to Louis L'amour's Education of a Wondering Man. I will ruminate on what I have learned on my way, and have professional things to say, yes - but a big point is that we are always still learning, and should always be still learning.

Here in this part of the forum you can ask questions, and discuss the upcoming blog, its contents, and perhaps we can take an anonymous poll on what personal issues effect you all most from improving and creating your art. 




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 Sketching is a important habit if want to learn how to draw. @TheRedStranger has taught me a lot, but that goes so far if you don't practice. If you don't take good care of yourself, then you have to take a break and change things around. Get out of the house and do something like go to the park. I think going to the park with your family and your sketchbook and art supplies helps a lot. You can get practice done while spending time with others . Another good trick is to use the 40% coupons at Hobby Lobby, it really saves money on supplies.

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