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How They Were Made: Asset Archeology & Development History of Games.

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How did they get that look? How did they get that sound? How did they make that song, graphic, or from where did that iconic idea come? Those questions are asked a lot by young developers inspired by past game design. Here is where we answer those general questions. 

When making a retro style game especially, to have verisimilitude, one must consider these resources and aesthetics in order to make a genuine product. There are many games out their that feign a nostalgic look, yet just don’t hit right. I strange mixed example of this would be Undertale. The sound fonts are from original Nintendo games music files, and have a classic retro sound that is true to that aural aesthetic, yet the visuals are deeply disconnected from this. They have an appearance of retro simplicity but are crude compared to the rich detailed spriting of many games from that era. To do better, to make a more genuine aesthetic experience, here is where we catalogue, link, and discuss resources to help with making your work in both visuals, story, and music. 

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