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Vanilla Ninja ( Pop-Rock Music-Group from Estonia )


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Vanilla Ninja


Name of the music group: Vanilla Ninja
Kind of music: Pop-Rock, Pop, Power-Pop, Pop-Techno
Homeland: Estonia
Founding: August 2002


Current occupation:

Guitar, vocals: Lenna Kuurmaa
Guitar, vocals: Piret Järvis
Keyboard: Katrin Siska
E-bass, vocals: Triinu Kivilaan

Former members:

E-bass, vocals: Maarja Kivi (08 / 2002-04 / 2004)



Vanilla Ninja (2003) (Pop-Techno, Pop)
Traces Of Sadness (2004) (Pop-Rock)
Blue Tattoo (2005) (Pop-Rock)
Love Is War (2006) (Pop-Rock)
Encore (2021) (Pop)

Vanilla Ninja is my absolute favorite music-group. 💙
English-language Pop-Rock from the Vanilla Ninja Girls from Estonia.
But some, a few songs are also in Estonian.
I only really became aware of Vanilla Ninja back then when I saw & heard their video clip "Liar" on german television station called "Viva" back in summer of 2004.
I immediately became a Vanilla Ninja fan. 😇 😍
I own all 4 main albums, a lot of singles, a lot of posters, and even back then I visited them at a concert (once in 2005) and also at an autograph session (once in 2006) as well.

There are several reasons why I am now bringing up a topic about Vanilla Ninja.
On the one hand, Vanilla Ninja have been my very favorite band since summer of 2004 (which will most likely stay that way) and on the other hand they recently released a new album
called Encore.
I really want to make this music group much more popular, because they are very talented and super sweet.
In addition, they are unfortunately very undervalued.
Vanilla Ninja deserve a lot more success.

Here are some suggestions for you in the form of music videos:


Tough Enough


I Know (Unplugged Version)




Cool Vibes (Single Version)



Official Homepage
Official Facebook
Official Instagram
Official Spotify

I really hope that you will also love Vanilla Ninja as much as I do or at least just maybe like a few songs from them. 😇
I wish you a lot of fun while watching & listening to their stuff. 💙

I'm also planning to put all of their latest music video clips here soon, but I didn't want to fill my very first post here too full and would like to know your opinion beforehand.
Not that their newer songs would be bad, but I think they shine a lot more in their classic songs from back then.

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You're very welcome. 😇
Also, thanks a lot for your replying and I'm really happy that I was able to arouse interest in you for this great music group. 😃
Well, I know and I remember that a few years ago I also shared a music video by Vanilla Ninja and you already replied that you enjoyed it. 🙂

I'm going to list all the music videos that have been released so far that belong to the new album Encore.
The album was already released digitally, as vinyl and as a CD on October 8, 2021, with a standard CD and a limited fan box with bonus tracks and an accompanying book.
As far as I know, the book is only available in English language, which should hopefully motivate you to read. 🙂

These are the following music videos, which are all new and belong to the new album called Encore, here, as I promised before:

Gotta get it right
Released on June 18, 2021


No regrets
Released on July 16, 2021

The reason is you
Released on August 20, 2021

Released on September 25, 2021

Driving Through The Night
Released on October 22, 2021

Incredible is my favorite so far; for one, it's such a cozy song, and for another, because they look all so sexy and attractive in general in that music video, very fittingly for that track.
The girls look really cute in Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts. 💙
The song itself has a strong early 90's vibe; at least that's how I feel about it.

Yes, I know that music is also especially about music, some would say, but I think a good song also makes a beautiful music video at the same time.
No matter how cool a song is, if an accompanying music video were off-putting, then I wouldn't automatically care about the song.

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Don't worry about that, it's alright. 😉

I have to admit that I still haven't heard the latest Encore album; on the one hand, because I'm considering whether I should listen to it first on Spotify (and had no time for it anyway due to real-life work yet) and on the other hand, because I actually wanted to buy the CD album with the book (where all the new Bonus tracks are included) and I'm still a little undecided because of that.

Here's another favorite of mine; from their very first self-titled Vanilla Ninja album:

Guitar & Old Blue Jeans


And here is the link to the playlist of the whole album on YouTube:

Unfortunately, the very first album Vanilla Ninja is not included on the popular streaming portals such as Spotify nor iTunes.

I wish you a lot of fun while listening to Vanilla Ninja. 😇

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