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"X-is Real" Hoaxes (For Non-Sonic Media).

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Yes, it was a very popular rumor way back in the day after Super Mario 64 came out. Honestly it doesn't really surprise me all that much, after all before that point, Luigi was always the Player 2 to Mario back then. Not having him in a Mario game was rather odd, but only really showed that Luigi wouldn't be in much 3D Mario games from then on. Aside from Luigi being playable in Galaxy anyway.

It's still nice to see this finally confirmed, though years later on the Original DS we got to play as Luigi so it all worked out. :)


One rumor that pressed on for years was for Gen 1 Pokemon that this specific out of reach truck had a Mew underneath, and that you can catch him that way. While that turned out not to be true, normally you'd have to go to a Pokemon Event in specific locations in order to get Mew Offically...but where's the fun in that?

So after so many years, this glitch was discovered where you can get Mew. It's very specific, and you can use this glitch in a few other ways to get other Pokemon, but it's really cool you can actually catch Mew...so long as you buy enough Pokeballs because it's catch rate is pretty tough as you'd expect. XP

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