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What happens the Day after Doomsday?

Sonic The Hedgehog: Edge of Tomorrow seeks to answer the above question in detail.  Edge of Tomorrow is a direct episodic spin-off of Satam (Saturday Morning Sonic), the cult-classic Sonic cartoon that defined the distinct American/Western sonic canon.  Satam was known for contributing the most substantial lore within the Sonic franchise and is still the inspiring foundation for most stories outside the rather sparse and vague Segasonic narrative such as Fleetway's Sonic The Comic, Archie's Sonic The HedgehogSonic Underground, and fanworks like Sea3on and STC-O. Staying utterly faithful to its source material, EoT continues the morning  after the infamous cliff-hanger episode Doomsday then meticulously explores and expands on the unique world of Mobius Satam founded.  Though Doomsday abruptly capstoned Satam, EoT continues the narrative seamlessly with its own first episode Day After Doomsday. From here onward, EoT expands on the unique and nostalgic world of Mobius fans were first introduced two decades ago. There will be new arcane secrets to discover, old and new villains to face, and a narrative that has grown and matured with its old audience. Come see the old familiar Freedom Fighters in new exciting situations as they find their place in world much bigger than Robotnik, and much more complex than the safety of Knothole and smog of Mobotropolis. Crank your old CRTV back on, or come to the series fresh-faced as a young fan after a Satam You-tube/Netflix binge; this is not just a mere third season of Satam, this is a fully fleshed out episodic continuation with several seasons in the making. 


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