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18 hours ago, F07E said:

awww dang it, and I was ready to make a sherlotta is a cat joke too.


well I'm stumped, I only ever listened to final boss themes and city escape on loop.

I think I would have a heyday listening to city escape while stacking lumber all day!

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On 9/7/2016 at 2:30 PM, Wulfsbane said:

What did you think Ish? What about you @F07E

finally got some free time to give it a look. its off to a good start so far, though the only criticism I have is the line between sally and sonic regading tails, it threw me off for a second as it seemed to come outta nowhere.

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Tell you what - I will update the Lexicon with some of the stuff we have in our Cannon Bible this weekend. ;)

Some of this stuff will be a bit early - but it's not really spoiler material, so it might be fun for you guys to explore like an EoT-wiki.

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