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  1. Just as a heads up while I focus on getting the prologue and Chapter one of my Sonic/TF crossover complete, I'll be posting a few of my other fanfic ideas both to get them out there, and get some feedback. Sonic Fanfic Primer: Less actual fanfic writer as it's my own personal 'headcanon' primer I intend to use as a sort of guideline to inform readers what sort of 'tweaks' I may make to the Sonic universe for any specific setting canon unless it's a wholly original/mishmash world. For example since a number of my stories use the Archie-Sonic as a setting (as it's the main Sonic series that
  2. I did have the auto-save on, but the entire Laptop died along with the hard drive as I tried to have it recovered. Alas my buddy doing the recovery confirmed it was a lost cause as well. Add this happened while writing offline and thus no remote online safe, well I'm at square one. I thankfully have kept some free-style notes on certain points so I should have the prologue churned out and will post it hopefully within the next week or so if work doesn't bend me over with wonky hours again.
  3. I've had some delays including all my progress getting mostly trashed. I was invited to a friend's place and took my laptop and a copy of what I had written. My bud's internet was out so I knew I'd be settling for non-online time when everyone settled in for bed. I was on fire and had the damn thing nearly done. The Laptop then DIED and I lost the file. What little I had written before that night is still on a GDoc but but it's still the early draft before my revisions I had saved to that specific file. So I've been trying to recover my work as I go. So not gonna give out dates of when to expe
  4. Bleh work and RL got wonky I have the next two days off so I shall get to updates soon.
  5. Soon as I get the prologue and chapter one in working order I will let'cha have a crack at it. ^^
  6. Something to consider for sure; once I have more capital and an artist capable and willing to be hired for such a thing I'd love to make it happen. Now for the most part I'm done with my 'summery' as I don't want to spoil EVERYTHING for the crossover and to be honest; I don't like to create every scenario right off the bat. Allow for some creative freedom while still keeping notes on the 'big set pieces'. For now I'm going to go more into explaining the themes and some of the situations that will define some of the ongoing narrative as well as the world building and revised lore. Lore
  7. If and when I can grab Deebs for commissions then I would. Only downside is they only take commissions during an art stream and you gotta win a slot. If I find another artist good with Sonic and Transformer characters I'd love to have some scene illustrated light novel style.
  8. Another commission, this was both something from my crossover and a piece of art I got around the time the Sonic Movie was making box office success. "HEYSONICIHEARDYOURMOVIEWASAWESOMECONGRATULATIONS!!" "Heh thanks dude, now how about we finish this race?!" "LASTONETOKNOTHOLEBUYSTHEDRINKS!"
  9. A little bit of fun to share with everyone. A commission I got that showcases a scene MUCH later in the story. As I like to call it "Optimus Prime and his fuzzy kids star-gazing, with the daughter's boyfriend tagging along". Obviously set after Sonic returns home from space; with Prime showing them all the star route that leads to Cybertron.
  10. Apologies for taking awhile to get to the next part of my summery/ concept discussion. So after being nabbed by Eggman's robots, Sally and Elias are placed in a large cage with other prisoners since due to the roboticizer being null and unusable at the time; Eggman has taken to rounding up prisoners to send to labor camps. Despite their situation, Sally isn't just giving up, after all the bots didn't bother to search her for weapons and thus she still has Nicole. However before Sally can enact any plan, the prisoners and the robots guarding the facility hear the sound of an approaching ve
  11. Sorry for delays work has been a drain on my energy. I've been meaning to kinda just show the layouts for ideas I got here and work in progresses, to just show off what I got cooking and get some critic/advice, and see what everyone thinks.
  12. I suppose in lieu of laying out just a synopsis of the prologue and first chapter, I will go over the themes and some story-beat concepts. So a few things to keep in mind; given how heavily I based certain events; I cannot entirely let go of the Archie-Sonic canon to a certain detail. Basically save for things I will list as different for story-beats or to clean up the mess the prior writers made; a lot of the major events stayed the same; as a few of them are the crux that lead into the crossover. It all starts with Sonic being blasted into space. As the Autobots awaken and slowly become k
  13. 1) I've been leaning on making my own Sonic-verse which simply borrows characters and certain chain of events from Archie; so I may pursue this more right now the Archie setting is a skeletal frame. 2) As for this point, loss is going to be a theme among others but I should point out in this story the Autobots crashed on Earth as it was being reduced to primordial soup. The Autobots are going to feel a sense of 'we failed' for not stopping the Xorda; but they never got to know anyone before Earth became Mobius. The theme of prejudice between Mobians and Cybertronians is going to be explored
  14. Appreciate the kind words; I'm not shy letting my ideas out it's just structuring and not getting ahead of myself. XD Now for the stuff bubbling in my head. Most of these are crossover concepts with some actual WiP already underway, along with some Sonic-only works. Sonic/Transformers Crossover: The title is still in the works; as I can't think of anything catchy and am open to suggestions. Set in the Archie-Verse with a few minor alterations, and using a mixture of G1 and the IDW Transformer comics with drawn inspiration from here and there; the story begins shortly after
  15. Just getting this post started, the unending stream of ideas in my head shall be unleashed.
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