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      We don't expect anyone to be perfect. But please try your best to be your best, by keeping to the spirit of these Rules/Guidelines. 😇

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      Our very own City-Hall, laden with dusty archives and the echos of filibustering! Huzzah for democracy!

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      For all things IDW, Sonic X, OVA, Original Works, and other material from the SoJ continuity.

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      Where you can talk about the newest universe of the franchise: Sonic Boom

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      Gotta hoax, a hushed rumor, a crazed theory? Break out the tin-foil an' let's get conspiratorial..."Because Chaos Emeralds...."

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      Animations deprived of blue hedgehogs.:1478689015_sonicrun:

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      From Avengers to Zero Dark Thirty - this is the place to discuss film's serious lack of Sally Acorn. :P

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      A bizarre cabal where you can speculate on all sorts of fictional conspiracies and gush about crazed fringe material (like those hot an' saucy Lost Episode and "Coma Theory" Creepy Pastas - spooky Alfredo not included).  

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    1. Freeform Thread

      The most general of general discussion threads! Say whatever, do whatever, anything goes! Well... except homicide maybe... XP (please keep to site rules) Let's see if we reach one thousand pages!

    2. The Crazspiracy Zone

      Have a crazed or creepy theory, or something you want to get off your chest? No sanity or sources needed!  illuminati reptiles see us all through the chemtail-magic of Harrp.. They plan to force us to only ship SonAmy in their new world order.

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      Where you and your fellow scribes can swap tales of adventure. Show where you have been, where you live, and all the crazy things you have done throughout this world.

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      If we see an outstanding member of the community, we'll sit down and talk with them so the others, perhaps newer people, can get a general idea of who's who around here.

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      Drop your torches and pitchforks! Don your tweed blazers with leather patches! Tonight we ride with Socrates!

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      Sometimes you need some formality to make a point - large and well sourced analyses and argumentative papers can be posted here. 

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    • https://archive.org/stream/TwilightOfTheSuperheroes/TwilightOfTheSuperheroes_djvu.txt https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Script/TheTwilightOfTheSuperheroes So, Alan Moore! Certainly a famous, yet can also be a polarizing figure in comics. Known for Watchman and a few other titles you may or may not know about, he's mainly known now for having a burning distain for both Marvel and DC for a variety of reasons (ie, how creators are treated, how characters are treated, etc.). I'm saying this because I'd figure to update this topic with a possibly interesting discussion. Years ago, Alan Moore proposed a Big Crossover in the Late 80's, some time before he completely bowed out of DC entirely after Watchman. Basically the story was about a Time Traveller warning John Constantine from a message to his Future Self about a Dystopia where after multiple events, including many villains and heroes dead, along with every alien bar Superman banished from Earth, lead to a Feudal Future where multiple Houses ran by Super Heroes and Villains are the only form of Government left. It's also a murder mystery, with a gentleman dead due to reasons that are best left unsaid. Simply put, there's some big oddities with the story that I can't see happening in what's suppose to be a Possible Future. Like for one, there is no way I could ever see Wonder Woman adopt a Superwoman moniker after marrying Superman. Granted, them ending up together is very played out, but still. Another is the House of Thunder (Captain Marvel/Shazam), as in the whole house itself. Like seriously, why is it like that? That's not even getting into what Captain Marvel is into. o_o It's an interesting read if you are a comic book fan, but so much characterization is just really off regarding Superman, Captain Marvel, and others. I know it's suppose to be a possible future, but still. I can't see this story happening as it was jolted down without some major changes had it happened, heck it probably could have ended up similar to Watchman with how it was originally intended to use the Charlton cast of Heroes. Although without giving away the story for those that do want to read it, squick aside regarding the plot, the twist regarding what happens and who it is was pretty interesting. Also I find it interesting how Moore wanted a team of Batman, The Shadow, Doc Savage, and Tarzan. That in of itself sounds like an awesome team, as crazy as it is. It makes me wonder if many UK Comic Writers of that time were just innately cynical, yet the intentions of this story was to give the DC Superheroes a mythological end game. So that to Moore, they weren't just cashcows. I can understand the reasoning behind it, yet I can't say that how this proposal's draft was the best overall. Had things not gone south, it could have possibly happened. Had it, what do you think the landscape of DC Comics as a whole would have ended up? Let me know if you guys have read this before and give me your thoughts when you can. Also, I find it funny how Moore points out the problems with Crisis on Infinite Earths, and how his concerns regarding it eventually led said problems like Infinite, Final, and Dark Crisis, let alone other comics like The New 52 and other Multiversal Concepts. Even though this story was meant to bring back the Multiverse in a way.
    • Dawko really seems to enjoy it...  
    • This almost flew past my radar... Steel Wool Reveals New RUIN Info, FNaF Origins Game, Multiplayer FNaF, & MORE!    
    • NEW Sanshee Merch, Hex Wave 3 Release, Security Breach Xbox, POPGOES Evergreen Teasers! - FNaF News   Mostly merch news; SB is going to be on XBox.
    • Apparently, Origins is the new Canon for how the first few games go from here on in. Thought it was important to add this in. Also, I played it! I mean, they’re still great games, but the collection itself is far less optimal than it could have been. Also I ran into a bad glitch with Carnival Night that didn’t let me run up a slope. Granted, I flew over it as Sonic & Tails, but it’s concerning if that’s a constant.
    • EPIC FAIL! Strange World is a box office DISASTER for Disney! EMBARRASSING box office haul! [Yellow Flash, 10 min.] The Wall Street Journal was not impressed - ‘Strange World’ Review: Disney Limps to the Ends of the Earth The New York Post was a little nicer to it The adage "get woke, go broke" comes to mind.
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