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  1. @SallyAcornLover You said earlier you like the USA, you should really consider someday riding a train across the country. It's a real safe way to travel and you get to see all over America: @Akessel92is from the Dakotas and is now a Kentuckian. He actually has German heritage, many people in Kentucky do.
  2. Planes, trains, automobiles, boats and blimps; everything in and under and above, that takes us to point A to B, this is the place to talk the past, present, and future of traveling and transportation.
  3. Tencent is one the world largest “video game” production companies. The NPPA just cut a vital economic production and mental health aid to escape their tyrannical polluted dystopia hell. The blanket ban just falls into our hands economically. CCP just destroyed their own soft-power coupe attempt of the industry. This type of econocidal policy making will push away talent and potential profit to the west, and only create more and more resentment.
  4. Of course you would paint a cat. XD You are becoming very mindful of layering and how it informs forms. Which is a good thing. Many try to paint everything wet on wet all at once and that is no good for many dynamic figures. It’s best to wait and glaze with acrylic especially, unless you are trying to bloc out a Bob-Ross background/landscape or in a more detail end of a painting, like the blush and shading on a smooth face. . Currently the WIP for Metal and Sonic looks like Sonic blitzed out of his pelt and is now speed-streaking butt naked with his eyes closed. XD
  5. Anything with the Joker is typically pretty good. It will be a must watch for my guys. @Mike Arcade I would actually like for us to do a movie-night monthly actually. This is one I would like...just do me a favor a veto everything Logan even mentions. He has wretched taste. XD
  6. The-secret-identity-even-to-their-self trope, huh? Honestly that is rarely ever done since it launched with Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde as an idea. Mostly used as a horror trope, for werewolf's and such, not as heroes. It can create a bizarre situation where someone knows you are "Clark Kent" when you yourself forget you are Superman.
  7. The race goes he passes the finish line first, not who runs faster at the start. XP
  8. Be nice to see someone tweak the imagery for digital and translate all this for "quality of life" purposes. I wonder if there are any fan continuations floating around as well. Archiving is a great step, but if you want to keep the dust off, it would be great to see it be more accessible to fans.
  9. So it's been a while since this came out. And it seems to have aged the best as a Sonic game. Do you feel it will influence the future of Sonic games? And if so, how and why?
  10. One time actually they accidentally made a security exploit. I am glad I waited for the patch. 😁
  11. I typically don’t jump into it until I see how stable it is. Had the site freak out a couple of times with half-cocked updates.
  12. They actually have a law banning any media supporting "feudal superstitions." Magical themes, and old mythical themes are basically banned. These guys rewrote all the historical import out of their language Skull-face style. So yeah, the CCP sure do love New-speak, and have a militant oikophobic hate of China's past. This really limits them creatively. Imagine trying to make a D&D story without mentioning magic or Aurthurian, Nordic, Saxon, or Tolkenian themes. That's why a lot of Chinese games really double down on these.
  13. If he doesn’t, I will just assume they have pictures of him eating a puppy or sodomizing a Buddha statue, something godawful. The only type of person who can be literally kowtowed to these civilizational dead-enders, is that type of person, one of low moral quality.
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