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  1. I like how they are bringing some solidarity to classic Sonic. 10 years ago you could play the classic games a million different ways on a million different platforms, which was both a blessing and a curse. Think about it, each port was slightly different in its qualities and novel features. This port maximizes the possibility space of these games with new gameplay features, while also making one consistent Sonic Classic product. They needed to do this for quite some time. Just need to add Sally Acorn. XP
  2. @Mike Arcade @WarTraveller I am starting with just you two. I am using a custom rule system. It’s novel style. Prose are rewarded. You have one main action, reaction, an interaction with the world around you, and are free to talk at least a full paragraph a turn. Internal dialogue and prosey feels stuff can be a bit longer. I will decide if I need to get on you for being to “purple” about your characters feelings and thought life. You know the drill. Explained a lot on Discord. If there is a lot of back and forth in the writing, I will blend it all together smoothly in a Google Doc I will post up here. Time to make our character sheets. Now, are we going original characters? Or the “dragged into this new reality” type of play, where you play your own selves? I rarely do this - but I recommend the latter for this game.
  3. @WarTravellerYou got those bootleg pics of "nurples the Enchillda?" XD
  4. That is how you get a weird butter-fly effect where Mitch McConnell is the president. XP
  5. Tell me if it happens again. I did some more upgrades. Next time it happens just send me an @. This flew right by me.
  6. I saw this the other day and was fascinated by it. Combine this with an HDMI mod and its truly a formidable console. Though, I prefer to play mine classically on my CRTV.
  7. Watched my first anime all the way through, Yu-Yu Hakusho. It's the only anime that kept my attention and I have unironically enjoyed, and felt something for the characters. I really feel like it rushes away from its initial idea to quick, with the protagonist dead and needing to get his body back, which includes a random side character never seen again in the story with zero impact to the arc, and a random arson that never gets explained (though easily could have tied into some future plots). Some story elements are under-cooked, which is overcompensated for for some classic anime smaltz and flashy animation. And it does loose a lot of steam with its second main villain, and final arc becoming another tournament arc. But honestly, its a great cartoon with grit and intriguing characters, especially with their character dynamics and their dynamic character development. Screw DBZ...this show deserves a re-imaging. It's characters are just a blast, they just deserve more robust plots to keep playing with. That...and it needs a bit more detective work, seeing how Urameshi is a "spirit detective."
  8. Me neither, and that is my generation. I came back to the fandom because of Satam. Heroes pulled me out and Shadow The Hedgehog. I wanted adventure and plot, not sugar or edge, as a I got older like with those those respective over-correcting titles. Out of that "tangled mess" of Sonic material he wished to normalize into one tapioca narrative, Satam was the core of identity of what Sonic can be. And he tossed it, ironically, that lead Sonic to be just what he criticized, tonally, a "tanlged mess" until the Modern era. Werehogs and kissing human's anyone? XD As much as I love all Sonic more than I did years back, I just can't depart from the truth that Satam Sonic is more Sonic than any other iteration. Though I have high hopes for the postmodern era, the Paramount movies understands Sonic more than Sonic Team does.
  9. The Downfall of Racoon City in the style of John Martin. I painted this one today digitally with the help of an AI (mid Journey) to emulate the textures of Martin’s work and compile a loose underpainting via a lot of samples. It's really speeds up the process. Going to probably project this and make an oil painting. I am actually considering doing a series of oil paintings done in the classic Style of History Paintings, yet instead of stuff from Greek Myths and such, doing modern myths on a grand scale. Click the image for the more high-res versions.
  10. Stuff I have lying around that I did or was commissioned to make. Oh yeah, I made our logo. XP I will add some more stuff here and there. Honestly, wanted to make sure everyone else posted stuff first and foremost before I ever did. @Wulfsbane @Mike Arcade But if I waited for these two, I'd look like that skeleton by the time they did. XP Do note I have detailed PNG's of these files that look less saturated and more detailed, but I may sell them as prints. The logo is PNG. Feel free to downloaded as a screen saver or whatever. 11x14cut4Jordan.svg
  11. Trust me, you will have fun with this. Start looking to mediums and it will add a whole new dimension to your acrylics. That and pour painting could be another road to follow for more complexity for your backgrounds. @Mike Arcadeand @Wulfsbane Mokat is really showing you off boys. Where is your sketches and doodles? I’m waiting. XP
  12. You are getting better and more prolific. I can tell it’s becoming easier for you to paint. It’s daunting at first, but once you start to get the feel for a medium and how it reacts, you really start to feel more comfortable with broadening your horizons. Your minimalist approach ironically is going to help you become a better artist. I think you should experiment with dimensionality now in your paints. Time to break out the pallet knives. Perhaps a landscape with down references. Knothole perhaps? Satam has some gorgeous background cells.
  13. Character design wise the lack of eyebrows create a tension and ambiguity, while eyebrows can convey extra emotion and thus character. With positive aesthetic signifies, like creamy and vibrant warm colors, and cutesy art, a subtractive design adds the ability for the viewer to interpolate positive emotions to the material. Look at Hello Kitty. In this case, a lack of emotional information creates a darker tension. You are not sure of the character's intentions, and that uncanny valley between a school and a happy bear, thrusts one in the "uncanny valley" where we don't know if the character is safe to be around, and we question their motives. I would say the choice is purely matters on what you wish to focus on, if you want to really show the internalness of the character, more emotional signifiers the better. Want to focus on the feeling of being in the presence of something spooky, go with ambiguity.
  14. It's common chatter nowadays that Autism is largely under-diagnosed in women. Yet with all the attempts at gender politics and such, I am not sure how scientifically accurate that claim is, compared to social movements that need intersectional narratives like that for political capital. It seems "political incorrect" to "genderize" autism but honestly, if men are indeed more likely to have it (like myself) then it could be a key empirical truth to better mitigating and understanding its issues. I would like to look deeper into that claim, given our current social milieu and its more non-scientific ulterior motives that could be there. There is a good case for many males to be under-diagnosed with certain mental conditions, such as BPD and GAD, and the hypothesis seems more intuitive, that men simply don't talk about their feelings as much to other people, and usually don't seek help for diagnosis. They usually try to "work out" their issues, rather than connect to others in a more social support group about said issues. Hence high-functioning and successful men having side issues like overeating and alcoholism (like Pelosi's husband), and more low functioning men expressing really making maladaptive choices (like your average school shooter, who is typically a man).
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