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  1. Something you will find interesting @Sorzo: Listen to this. Then listen to this: Can you hear it? And do you get what Williams did here?
  2. http://www.scpwiki.com/joke-scps It is titled, SCP-Evennumber-J
  3. Mike has clearly failed you. I shall supply you one myself: http://www.scpwiki.com/scp-even-number-j @MoKat- you will have fun with this one.
  4. I recommend a 9th level banishment spell. Materials needed, an old priest and a young priest. And a mop to clean up the pea-soup.
  5. Updated site. Installed Gif tab.

  6. Worf is the best batter heckler.
  7. Vox likes more professional sports than I do. I have been an athlete for years but it’s always been the game itself that I find fun rather than watching others play it...except when it’s Star Trek. Seeing a Changling and a Klingon argue balls and strikes is glorious.
  8. Also would like to do a survey about some of the social dynamics of the Sonic Fandom. @Wulfsbane Would you care to help me do a pilot study on that?
  9. I will start hammering in your input. Time to get the other questionarre up and ready. Might use qualitrics instead But will manually feed in the questions soon.
  10. Okay. Now that we covered this, thanks to Mokat. I think it’s time we find alternatives to Walmart...especially after they literally attacked Senator Hawley on Twitter just because he’s against their production line, which seems to include literal ethnic slaves picking cotton in western China. Yes...I am sadly dead serious on that one. On that note, given the monopolistic practices of Amazon, we should probably discuss ethical alternatives for both of these producers. I am trying to disconnect myself from China as much as possible, especially after they killed one of my loved ones with their C
  11. Feel free to share more here for us. It is indeed easy low hanging fruit just to make joke-is-just-reference jokes. I recommend avoiding them non-ironically. Here is a good one. Would like to get in contact with the artists actually. https://youtu.be/VTeleM2qLyo
  12. She hides the bodies well. Found one with only one leg the other day, destuffed. Feel like I am CSI: Canine Investigations Unit. She had a very happy Christmas in the snow.
  13. My snow dog got a present from @Wulfsbane. Mister Moose the fifth. She loves watching Star Wars on our new 65 inch TV.
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