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  1. Rob Paulsen (Antoine) doing a pretty good cover in a duet with himself.
  2. Like I said; we need to quit begging for scraps from Sega and these “ official” sources when we have a feast of stories and original work amongst us fans and much, much better quality to boot.
  3. I don’t know how “original” or new this character is to be honest. Too cookie cutter in my opinion.
  4. Honestly, I’m holding a glimmer of hope it is Sal, I really do it’s her, but I’m getting the feeling they are doing a full reset and this is a new character or maybe the avatar from Forces. I think the best shot if you want them in the comic is to not buy it if they are not in it and be loud. They might be forced to do so, but don’t expect them to be the characters we know and love. However, I hope that I’m wrong, I really do. This coming from the person constantly called “The Negative Nelly” by my comrades since this debacle stared. That all being said, we need to not eat Sega’s scraps;
  5. Wow, a condenser mic; that's seriously cool.
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