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  1. ...I have no idea how to answer that. Had a wonderful Easter Weekend with my pal @Sargent Beeler. on Saturday. Spent time with @TheRedStrangerand @Senior Bobbert on Easter. Yet not as much as I wanted to as I've been physically exhausted since after Saturday. However, I'm truly blessed to know you all. And once more, Happy Birthday @Wulfsbane
  2. https://github.com/Rubberduckycooly/Sonic-1-2-2013-Decompilation Wanted to share this with all of you, it's a fan project that allows you to play the Christian Whitehead Android Ports on PC and other consoles. It allows you to doggle options such as having 7 Emeralds in Sonic 1, Insta-shield, Drop Dash (a new addition), and more much more easier to go with save files of your choice. Just some good quality quality of life changes, plus mods! It's similar to what Sonic 3 A.I.R. did some time ago, and I'd highly recommend you to check out the best ports of Sonic 1 & 2. All you
  3. I'm so stoked to see you post on here, please do so anytime you can and welcome to Free Scribes.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/us/california-schools-aztec-gods.amp California Schools are proposing to literally chant for Aztec Gods. This looks like an Onion News article, I can't even.
  5. http://segabits.com/blog/2021/03/18/steamforged-games-announces-sonic-the-card-game-releasing-2021/ We're getting a legit card game for Sonic, this is not a drill! We'll update this as soon as more info comes out. Until then, discuss!
  6. https://tailschannel.com/sonic-the-hedgehog/sega/expects-sonic-prime-to-strengthen-sonic-ip/ It looks like Sega is really banking on Sonic Prime to do well. Fingers crossed.
  7. So for clarification, I used this as the basis for my color choices. Next go around I'll find a color generator. That and any other things that could be counted as colors, enjoy! Diamond Income Zone: Eggman's personal Mine where he digs up diamonds to sell. Shut down his operations, but watch out for the drills and explosives! Ferrari Driver Zone: A Race Track taken over for some experimental, high speed machines. What sort of new, fast challengers could Sonic face? Iron Engineering Zone: The Doctor's latest smelting factory, a death trap in of itself. You're getting close to th
  8. Aww come on, Yahtzee wasn't that bad @TheRedStranger. XD We've had a fun game week, on Tuesday we played Dominos, Fishing the Line, and Boggle. Won every game except Boggle, where Stranger murders everyone on it. X_X For context, Fishing the Line is like a Crossword mixed with Dice. Only you use the dice to make the words, then pass off the remaining dice to the next player. It goes in 6 rounds per game in our group.
  9. Absolutely. Granted, I wasn't expecting a homerun for their first attempt at it, but it could have been done so much better. We could have easily had twice the amount of different Mobians. Not to mention unique abilities for them, while we do have that by an extent, it's really underwhelming. Perhaps that's because the Wisps cover that overall.
  10. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.deviantart.com/glitcher/gallery/60663876/sonic-retold&ved=2ahUKEwiUi62Eh4vvAhVwxFkKHf1UC1kQFjAAegQIBBAD&usg=AOvVaw3Ny8GCZGL9QWUjMAavFjzu I've been meaning to make this topic for awhile. The fan artist known as Glitcher has been making his own continuation of Archie Sonic, and I think it's the best Archie Continuation no one talks about. Trust me when I say that you must read this. The 4th issue literally blew me away, so stop reading this post and check this out now!
  11. We got Episode 5 over a month ago, this time we got Tikal showing up! Also, we have an ol' Shadow VA returning...Jason Griffin! That's right, the planets have aligned and we have both Ryan and Jason in one place! Check it out!
  12. Much like our Sonic Challenge Threads, every video game outside of the Blue Hedgehog gets one as well. So if you've gotten all the achievements of your favorite game, gotten a 1CC in your favorite retro style game, or made up your own challenges just let us know.
  13. Here we have our Challenge Thread for any Sonic game after the Adventure Series, going on till around Forces. Do you guys love to get all A or S Ranks as you boost to win? Or do you have any interesting challenges of your own? Let us know in your posts!
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