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  1. https://hiddenpalace.org/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(Prototype) AT LONG LAST!!! We finally got the beta for Sonic 1! After so many years, we now have access to the real deal. You got the UFOs in Marble Zone, we got Sparkling Zone, a different background for Labyrinth Zone, Clock Ork Zone, everything is here! This is truly a great way to start off the year as a Sonic fan, check it out!
  2. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas on 2020. Happy New Year to everyone out here, you guys keep the site going. Happy Birthday @IronCheeze and I hope it's a good one.

    Let's make this year way past cooler than the last, keep fighting Free Scribers. :)

  3. This topic is for any Beta music made during the Adventure Era that didn't make the cut for the final games. This piece here was revealed recently due to a successful charity drive some time ago. Not sure if it'll be the only beta music from this era, but we'll have this up just to be sure. If you know of any beta music from this time, just post it on here and let us know. I can think of another from this era as well.
  4. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2020/12/a-3d-sonic-animated-series-is-coming-to-netflix-in-2022/ Either way, here you go.
  5. Geez @MoKat, it looks like Robotnik's face is melting! XD Those are some pretty ugly looking Hot Wheels...wouldn't mind having them though. http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_Adventure_2_Birthday_Pack Saw this years ago in San Francisco at a hobby shop that sold games, anime, and figures (had some Bandai Mega Man X Model kits from that day, but that's a separate topic.). They vary in price on ebay, but I wouldn't mind collecting one myself some day. I think it was too pricy for me to get back in the day as it was around the time before the PS2 came out. So I assume it was freshly imported
  6. Thanksgiving was nice overall, joined @TheRedStranger and his family for Thanksgiving this year. It was really kind of him to let @Senior Bobbert and I join in on this. Stranger's a wicked good cook too. But I believe I've mentioned that before in the past. I hope all of you had a great thanksgiving as well despite this year trying to bring you down.
  7. Check out the new episode, with Silver's Original VA returning to voice him!
  8. I can't make an accurate judgement call on the reboot exactly, as I'd like to see a bit more to absolutely confirm it. But it seems very likely that this isn't a pure, return to form of Animaniacs. I mean Spielberg was the producer in the original run of course, and they did bring back as much of the original cast as possible. But I do fear that it has followed such trappings of this corpse called "social clamant". @TheRedStrangerOn that note, the awful ThunderCats Roar show got cancelled recently. I remember there was a Teen Titans GO clip with them with the apparent original Lion-O claming
  9. Said it before on Parler, but this is a Victory for Life. Let no one take that away from anyone. Also, if I may add, my acting has gotten a lot better over the years. I just...can't exactly perform well under pressure, or on the spot. XP
  10. @TheRedStranger Hey, I could Garden too...I've just never done it before. X_X On that note, I'd love to grow my own Watermelons, simply because those are great fruit and they are delicious. Could also save a lot of money if I grew my own potatoes too.
  11. There are a lot of favorites of mine. I do like the classics like the Plague Doctor, Old Man, SCP-999, and yes I do like SCP-137. I know you don't care much for The Statue but come on it's a classic. XP I can't exactly name all of my favorites (or Numbers for that matter), but one particular favorite of mine is the 001 proposal When Day Breaks. Really creepy end of the world scenario that doesn't just feel like a boring zombie trope. Also it's similar to how I think the Zombots should have been handled. The one up in the 5000s called EVEREST is really neat, feels like an older SCP. A mor
  12. No Rock Vox, my vote doesn't go to She-Ra, honestly I really don't get the appeal of He-Man/She-Ra, aside from Skeletor anyway.XP ThunderCats is simply awesome in terms of animation and characters, but a number of us seem to have already voted for it and my vote is more of a personal choice. Especially in terms of a show that gave a long lasting legacy. However, it's not Transformers despite that show having the biggest legacy out of any of the above shows. Mainly because the majority of the cast shifts way too much and many of them are not defined enough as characters. Aside from Optimu
  13. For Fiona Fox in the Post-Reboot? Now that would be interesting, she presumably got hit with the SGW while outside of her natural home. So either one of two things would happen. Fiona could either end up rebooted in a different world/dimension/timeline with new memories and such, or she ends up back on Mobius...but due to being outside of normal reality end up the only one besides our Heroes and Eggman to remember how the world was before. Essentially, she could serve as a figure similar to Psycho Pirate from DC Comics, the only one who knows what the world used to be. Fiona could have played
  14. @WarTraveller That's not the case, basically it's a smaller, conservative version of Twitter. So far less nut jobs. I wouldn't be surprised if it hits a boom in the next few years. Only came out a year or so ago, it's really new.
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