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  1. So, been a long time, but I think it’s about time to get back in the swing of things here. Recently, I found this unused concept, that may be taken with a lot of grains of salt. https://sonichq.net/article/news/the-future-of-sonic-comics/ For this unused concept, you ever heard of the show Fringe? Imagine that, but with Tails. According to this old source circa 2001, via Ken Penders, an idea came about that the Tails we knew in the comic actually came from another zone as a baby, one which didn’t have Sonic. Mind the glaring plot holes in this, but it sounds too wild to not be a fabrication. Especially coming from him. Hopefully, we can talk about unused concepts and use other forum topics like before.
  2. So, it's been like forever since I posted here, but needless to say Sonic Prime is not good. I can do more, but I think that time has passed. Maybe I should make a video review of it though? At least, gotta make it entertaining if I do so.
  3. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. :)

  4. https://sagexpo.org/games.html Christmas SAGE! That's right, we have a Christmas SAGE this year, with a lot of cool stuff on hand! Even a 16-bit Sonic Drift! Check it out.
  5. Hi everyone, this is for any sort of offical spin-offs and approved content by friends and fans alike, thank you all so much for the support. PRESS START
  6. https://shc.zone/entries/contest2023 https://shc.zone/entries/expo2023 SHC 2023 folks! It's got some really neat stuff this year, including a Sonic 3 AIR character expansion with Mighty, Ray, and Amy. Not to mention 0.9 of Sonic Megamix Mania, giving me those good ol' 2007 vibes of Rom Hacks back in the day. Why am I so old? So I'd suggest you guys check it out, it's well worth it.
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nnOjrAPad6L7Bvi_wKMcVJqD_ql8MLjH/view?usp=sharing Someone made a cool list of recommended Mods for across the series, check them out!
  8. To celebrate it, the long awaited Sonic Rejuiced has finally come out! Check it as one of my favorite episodes gets a reanimated treatment.
  9. It’s the 30th Anniversary everyone! Share some of your favorite moments, scenes, characters, let’s do it to it!
  10. To quote a wise man, “TRUXTON, TRUXTON, WE WANT TRUXTON!” I kinda heard they we’re heading a revival, but it’s nice to see it’s finally happening. …yes, I am old. XP
  11. https://sagexpo.org/index.html Another year, another SAGE! They've got some pretty cool stuff this year, so check it out.
  12. We're a little over a month away, and man this was a brief, but awesome trailer. We're getting a Battle Mode, each with us being able to play as a Metal type of character with customizable features. Then, we got news on what some of the Digital Deluxe Edition stuff we'll get, for one that includes a Mecha Sonic Mk. I skin for Battle Mode, AND we got a Rabbit Skin for Sonic, as in the Beta Concept Art design that got passed up for the Hedgehog. Indeed, Dash the Rabbit is real.
  13. https://www.sonicstadium.org/news/games/christian-whitehead-reveals-early-sonic-mania-story-concept-r1488/ Hey long time no see! Looks like we get a brief snip it of what Mania's original story was. While the detail of a Mad group of Egg Robos was always known, the detail of them actually being a separate faction from Eggman is a neat detail that I find really cool. Considering that the Mania Devs didn't end up working on a follow up, considering that Sonic Superstars is, in spirit it continues the trend of what Mania did. A follow up to the Genesis Classics we all know, almost as a sort of sub-series similar to that of how the Mega Man Series is handled (Classic Mega Man, Mega Man X, etc.).
  14. "The Heart of the Marvel Universe." If she's the heart of Marvel Comics, then that heart must have been pumping embalming fluid. All this seems to me is that they're just trying to have Kamala Khan be more relevant before the movie comes out. So let me get this right, she died as an Inhuman, but now comes back as Mutant. If that's not a course correction for how badly they screwed up the Inhumans and to further bury them by not having her be associated with them, then I don't know what is. If anything, this shows how cheap and transparent the character is, like all the Silver Age Jimmy Olsen stories where he gets powers every week, except this is meant to be played straight. There's no unique identity to Kamala Khan, she takes the name Ms. Marvel, was based around the Inhumans, and is now riding the X-Men train which already has a massive cast of characters. At least Miles Morales was meant to be a 2nd Spider-Man in an alternate continuity, what's her excuse for being so derivative, doubly so since she's just jumping so many different groups and hero books. Because now I'm just not seeing a point to her at all. Should have been the character to help the Inhumans become more of a thing, and see what sort of plotlines that could lead to. But no, instead they've gone the obvious route.
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